YouTube Automation Meaning: Explained for Beginners (2023)

Are you here to find out the YouTube Automation Meaning? Now there are numerous strategies for making money on YouTube. Yet, one of the most untapped methods that are getting massive attention lately for making people wealthy is the youtube automation approach.

YouTube Automation Meaning: Explained for Beginners

The best part about YouTube automation is that anyone can do it if they are willing to spend time and money. Yes – you heard it right! You don’t need any skill to create an automated YouTube channel (unlike what you read in every blog and article that explains how to make money online).

But while you don’t have to learn a new skill here, YouTube automation demands you invest time to understand how it works effectively in the long run. So if you’re here for the long ride, keep reading to dive deeper into YouTube automation’s meaning, how it works, the do’s and don’ts, and how you can step right into it!

Youtube Automation Meaning (What is It?)

Automation on YouTube means making a page, uploading videos, and making money without showing your face on the platform.

This might sound unrealistic, but it’s the new practical way to make money with YouTube, and many content creators are already making a 6-figure passive income with it.

Now, if you’re new to it and how it works, don’t worry; we have you covered with our detailed guide on YouTube automation. So without further ado, let’s learn all about it, shall we?

How Does YouTube Automation Work?

Once you understand YouTube automation’s meaning, it’s important to be familiar with how this process works.

Simply put, YouTube automation generates a passive income stream by outsourcing content development and channel administration. Because of its scalability and many monetization options, it is becoming one of the realistic passive income ideas for young adults.

However, you must note that YouTube automation does not imply using bots to automate participation in your YouTube videos or copying and reposting content from other YouTube creators, both of which are popular misconceptions.

Instead, YouTube automation helps add genuine value to users’ lives by delivering original material that is both entertaining and enlightening.

How Do You Make Money From YouTube Automation?

To begin making money on YouTube, you must build your channel to the point where you have many views for each video.

After you achieve that, you can join the YouTube Partner Program and monetize your videos with advertisements after you have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

Another effective way to make money from YouTube automation is to start working directly with businesses, earning significantly more money. Through this method, you can include affiliate links in your descriptions of videos where you mention or talk about a product or service of that business.

What Tasks of a YouTube Automation Channel Do You Need to Outsource?

Apart from understanding YouTube automation’s meaning, it’s also crucial to be well aware of the tasks that you should outsource in this business approach. Having said that, let’s explore the main tasks that you should outsource for your YouTube automation channel:

Video Ideas

The first stage in making a video is to develop a concept for the video. Now, the research procedure takes a long time. However, if you know what your YouTube channel is about, hiring someone to develop dozens of video ideas for your channel is fairly simple.

Script Writing

The next stage is to create a video script. A script of at least 1000 words is required for an 8-minute video, the recommended duration for YouTube automation channels.

However, when you hire a scriptwriter, choosing a professional is better because this step decides the major aspect of your video; the content.

Again, finding someone with YouTube scriptwriting experience who knows what works well on YouTube is better.


Once you have a script, it’s time to hire someone to do a voice-over. This is often the most difficult and costly stage. Primarily because you have to find someone with whom you can work long-term.

And why do you need a long-term voice-over artist? Because to ensure that your YouTube channel has high-quality automated videos, the video content should match the audio. Furthermore, you won’t also want a YouTube channel with 30 videos, each with a different voice.

Another thing to consider is that not all voice kinds are appropriate for all types of videos. So, once again, take your time and choose one or two engaging voice artists on Fiverr or Upwork to work with regularly.

Note: When looking for a suitable voice-over choice, people who advertise themselves as ‘YouTube voice-over artists’ tend to have lesser prices than people who simply market themselves as ‘voice-over artists.’ So hire someone accordingly.

Video Editing

The next step in the video-producing process is video editing, which can also be outsourced.

For this process, you need to hire someone and provide them with the screenplay and voice-over, emphasizing that the editor only needs to use video footage and images with commercial licensing.

Because you are making videos as a source of income, you must monetize your channel later. Therefore, when you’re ready to hire someone to make and edit videos for your YouTube channel, you should also determine what kind of films you want to upload to your channel.

They could be:

  • Whiteboard
  • Animated
  • Stock Footage

By understanding the type of videos you want to create and upload, you can pick an editor/creator with similar experience and skills. Additionally, make sure to hire an editor with access to all of the necessary tools and resources to help create your channel’s videos.


Making the thumbnail is the final and least expensive process. In this process, you simply hire a graphic designer to make a YouTube thumbnail for your video for a few dollars.

But at the same time, it is an equally important part of your channel. Thumbnails on YouTube are one of the features that have a major impact on your channel because they get people to click through and watch your videos.

So, while outsourcing this, you should look at what your competitors are doing (or just what’s on popular videos) and try to create thumbnails that are a bit similar while ensuring quality.

Is YouTube Automation Legal?

If you’re worried about facing legal issues or one day finding your channel get banned by YouTube for choosing the YouTube automation approach, then worry no more because it isn’t illegal.

In fact, YouTube permits automation because it adds value to the site by attracting more viewers, which can generate advertising money. It doesn’t matter how the videos are uploaded to YouTube; what matters is that the material does not violate any of YouTube’s Community Guidelines and that no copyright infringement occurs.

And according to these guidelines, any content that attempts to be misleading, sensitive, violent, spam, or promote illegal goods violates YouTube’s community guidelines. So as long as you are not creating videos that harm others, there is nothing illegal with YouTube automation.

The Pros and Cons of YouTube Automation?

YouTube automation can be a terrific way to develop your channel and broaden your reach, but it does have some limitations. For a clearer idea, let’s go ahead and explore the major pros and cons associated with YouTube automation:

The Pros

  • You don’t have to show your face.
  •  You can automate all the tasks by outsourcing them.
  • It serves as a highly scalable business option.
  • You can access various passive income opportunities with an automated YouTube channel.

The Cons

  • Such channels take time to grow and show results/viewer engagement.
  • You don’t get many personalization options in a faceless automated YouTube channel.
  • Such channels come with the risk of being banned if you’re caught using automation tools that go against YouTube’s terms of service.
  • Outsourcing all the tasks for your YouTube channel may not always fit a certain budget.

YouTube Automation FAQs

What is YouTube automation?

YouTube automation is creating a channel, uploading videos, and collecting ad money from those videos without displaying your face. So many of these YouTube channels are trying it out and generating a 6-figure yearly revenue with this strategy.

Is YouTube automation passive income?

With over 2 billion monthly active subscribers, many people seek ways to monetize their YouTube channels and turn them into a passive revenue stream. Without question, YouTube automation is an efficient approach to accomplish this – and many YouTube automation channels are already doing it!

How much can I make from YouTube automation?

Your YouTube material might make anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars per month if you start an automation channel in a niche with a decent CPM and gather at least a few hundred thousand followers.

What are the best niches for YouTube automation?

If you’re looking for profitable YouTube niches, here are 6 of the most successful YouTube automation niches with long-term profit potential!

  • Top 10 Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Travel videos with stock footage
  • Gaming videos
  • Unboxing videos
  • Technology videos about companies


In the end, there’s no denying that YouTube automation is a smart, hassle-free, and smooth way of generating a steady flow of passive income.

However, YouTube automation isn’t a business choice for most. Instead, it is best for those who can afford to lose some money and sit tight till the YouTube algorithm decides to promote their channels.

But then again, if you’re committed, ready to take the risk, and willing to spare some time to dive deeper into what works on YouTube and what doesn’t by actually testing it – there’s no stopping your way from making huge profits with an automated YouTube channel. Many have also shared their success stories on YouTube like this guy.

So remember that the sky is the only limit, and shoot for the stars. Besides, if he can do it, so can you! Hope now you understand YouTube automation’s meaning clearly, and if you decide to go further with this business model, I recommend doing more research.

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