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Fira All Reviews blog gives you a useful, actionable, real source of information regarding learning about Digital Marketing. This blog mostly focuses on:

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And also, you get reviews on digital products, software, and online services which are made for Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers, Freelancers, Affiliate Marketers, and Website Owners.

All articles and reviews in this blog are relevant. I write based on my real experience and knowledge, always I try to create useful content for my readers. And I make reviews on only those good and useful products, I cover all the good and bad things they offer.

So, consider that you are safe in this blog, you don’t waste your time by visiting Fira All Reviews blog, I give value for the time and effort that you invest in this blog!

About Firaol

Firaol Bihanu
Here is Firaol Birhanu

Hey, I am Firaol Birhanu, the owner of the Fira All Reviews blog. I’m a part-time digital marketer and am working in digital marketing since 2017. So, I have good experience in this industry.

I graduated from the Industrial Automation department in 2021. But I don’t like to do a regular 9 to 5 job, so I chose to be an online business owner.

I have loved to be an online marketer since I’m In high school, and I was learning how to do business on the Internet which was my big dream.

I was trying to learn from big Entrepreneurs like Byron White and Neil Patel, however, I was in some personal struggles to be successful.

I was trying and failed to be an online business owner many times, I learn a lot from my failure. I was following random YouTubers and social media influencers to achieve my dream, but that was wasting time, and that’s my big regret in my online business career.

“If you’re starting your online business career, you need to follow the right influencer!”

After all, when I’m 18 years old I did my own research to follow the right experts in the digital marketing industry, then I got Byron White and Neil Patel. Additionally, I start reading books, taking courses, and reading authoritative blogs, that help me to adjust my mindset and to do things the right way (not the fast way!).

So I learned too many things about the digital marketing Industry since 2017, and I’m sharing my experience with newcomers in this industry, that’s why I’m writing on my blog and other big websites. Now digital marketing is my number one source of income, which helps me to take care of myself and my family!

That was my short bio, focusing on my business life.

The digital marketing industry is life-changing, and that’s why I want to share my experience with new members of this industry.

If you’ve any queries regarding my blog or thoughts on anything feel free to contact me, that will be helpful for both of us!

Thank you for checking me.