YouTube Automation Examples: 10 Successful Channels (2023)

The YouTube automation business is becoming popular in the 2020s, but many people give it the wrong meaning. This post will show you the proper and successful YouTube automation channel examples.

YouTube Automation Examples; 10 Successful Channels

Some YouTuber’s (gurus) say YouTube automation is easy, ”just upload faceless videos and collect a bunch of money.” You need to alter your opinion if you fall into such a category! This is a real business model, so you must understand what it needs and takes before jumping into it.

My detailed research tells me that YouTube automation channels need very interesting content ideas, content creation plans, strategies, and, most importantly, investment. I explained what beginners need to start a YouTube automation business in my other post, so you can check it out if you’re thinking of starting this business model.

However, today you’re looking for the exact YouTube automation channel examples, so let’s find out what they look like.

10 Best YouTube Automation Channel Examples

Here I listed the best YouTube automation channels. These channels are all automated, so you will not see anyone on their videos. However, they’re getting a crazy amount of subscribers and thousands and millions of views every month.

Why did I pick these 10 automated YouTube channels? Well, there are a bunch of YouTube automation channels on YouTube, but I thought these channels were creative, interesting, knowledgeable, and successful. So they can be the best example for those considering starting a YouTube automation business.

1. Bright Side

BRIGHT SIDE - YouTube Automation Example

With over 4 million subscribers, Bright Side is an automation channel with one of the highest audiences. This YouTube automation channel covers a wide range of captivating topics. On their YouTube page, you can find videos from intriguing facts and life hacks to science experiments and mysteries.

The secret to Bright Side’s success is its ability to deliver complicated information in a way that is aesthetically appealing and simple to understand.

The channel’s approach of making complex information easy to understand and visualize makes it outstand the boring education channels. They use both licensed videos and animation techniques to make the videos more attractive and worth visiting.

By employing automation techniques, they consistently deliver high-quality content to their subscribers and earn over 6 figure incomes with YouTube ads only.

2. TheRichest

TheRichest - YouTube Automation Example

If you aspire to create a YouTube automation channel focusing on luxury and opulence, you should check out TheRichest. This channel takes viewers on an exciting journey into the lives of celebrities, showcasing their lavish lifestyles, luxurious goods, and mind-boggling wealth.

The channel also talks about the newest technologies, why any company or product is so viral/famous, what happens in a certain rich person’s business life, future goals, and so on. TheRichest’s captivating animations, compelling and filled with curiosity scripts and engaging voiceovers, contribute to their massive success.

By providing a peek into the world of the rich and famous, they have captured the attention of millions of viewers. The channel has 15 million subscribers and earns money via YouTube ads and collaborating with brands.

TheRichest generates income primarily through advertisements displayed on their YouTube videos. They receive revenue based on ad views, clicks, and engagement. The channel’s popularity and high view counts make it an attractive platform for advertisers looking to reach a large audience.

TheRichest may also explore collaborations with luxury brands and sponsored content to generate additional income.

3. Brainy Dose

BRAINY DOSE - YouTube Automation Example

Brainy Dose stands out as a YouTube automation channel dedicated to personal growth and self-improvement. Their animated videos delve into various subjects, such as psychology, motivation, productivity, and success.

Brainy Dose’s content is carefully curated to offer valuable life advice and inspiration. Their conversational style and engaging visuals make learning enjoyable for their audience.

Their engaging content and substantial viewership increase ad impressions and potential earnings. They occasionally use affiliate marketing to promote pertinent items or services in their video descriptions in exchange for a percentage of any transactions made through their affiliate links.

4. Body Hub

Body Hub - YouTube Automation Example

For fitness enthusiasts, Body Hub is an excellent YouTube automation channel to draw inspiration from. They have over 1.26 million subscribers and over 100 to 200K views on every video.  Through animated workout routines, nutritional tips, and advice on maintaining overall well-being, Body Hub guides viewers on their fitness journey.

They consistently deliver high-quality fitness content that resonates with their audience by employing automation techniques using highly researched and facts-based scripts.

As per its revenue, the channel generates income through ads displayed in its YouTube videos. As a fitness-oriented channel, they also partner with fitness brands, supplement companies, or workout equipment manufacturers for sponsored content and endorsements. This can provide additional revenue streams beyond traditional ad revenue.

5. Motiversity

Motiversity - YouTube Automation Example

Motiversity is a prime example of a YouTube automation channel focusing on motivation and personal development through a combination of captivating licensed video clips and powerful speeches given by amazing coaches and speakers.

The visuals in the videos are primarily people working out, showing various life phases, and overcoming obstacles.  Their engaging content, delivered in a conversational style, strikes a chord with viewers seeking personal growth and motivation.

Motiversity earns income primarily through ad revenue from its YouTube videos. But they also have a podcast and a merch collection to earn from.

6. Brett In Tech

Brett In Tech - YouTube Automation Example

Brett In Tech is a YouTube automation channel that specializes in technology reviews, tutorials, and insightful discussions. They offer a thorough knowledge of the newest technology, software, and gadgets through their videos. You will usually find listicle videos on their channels, like the top 10 software for this, or the top 8 free video editors, etc.

The content in there mostly is screenshots or screen-recorded videos of that software. Brett In Tech’s conversational style and automation expertise enable them to consistently produce timely and informative content for their subscribers.

Brett In Tech generates revenue through ads placed in their YouTube videos. But they also earn via affiliate programs by adding links to their review software, gadgets, etc. In video descriptions.

7. Top Luxury

Top Luxury - YouTube Automation Example

Top Luxury is the go-to YouTube automation channel for those who appreciate luxury and extravagance. This channel educates its viewers about worldwide mega-construction projects, technology in the construction world, how a certain building, castle, or bridge was built, and so on.

Top Luxury’s automated approach ensures a consistent stream of captivating content, which keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more.

Top Luxury monetizes its YouTube channel primarily through ad revenue. They also add affiliate links to their stocks, ai tools, etc., in their videos’ descriptions related to the stuff they use in video creation.

8. Ben Lionel Scott

Ben Lionel Scott - YouTube Automation Example

This is another renowned YouTube automation channel in the field of personal development and motivation. The channel imparts wisdom and inspiration to its viewers through carefully selected and edited videos and powerful speeches.

Ben Lionel Scott’s automated content delivery ensures a steady flow of thought-provoking and motivational content for those seeking personal growth and success.

Ben Lionel Scott earns income through YouTube’s ad revenue program, where ads are displayed within his videos. And it also has a subscription program to download audio versions of the videos and get access to new videos early.

9. Animaltube.TV

Animaltube.TV - YouTube Automation Example

Animaltube.TV is a delightful YouTube automation channel that entertains and educates viewers through animal videos. They showcase the top 10s about dog breeds, why a certain dog is used in the military, and fascinating facts about various animals.

Animaltube.TV’s automated content production allows them to consistently deliver adorable and educational videos, attracting animal lovers worldwide.

As far as I can tell, visiting most of your YouTube videos and digging through their social media handles, they don’t have any sponsors or affiliate links yet. Animaltube.TV can generate income through ad revenue on YouTube only. But a channel with 77 videos only has a pretty large subscriber base of over 700k.

Now this shows the potential of working consistently in the niche and growing a highly-paying YouTube automation channel.

10. Law of Attraction Coaching

Law of Attraction Coaching - YouTube Automation Example

Law of Attraction Coaching is a YouTube automation channel that explores the realm of manifestation and positive thinking. Through animated videos and empowering affirmations, this channel offers guidance on harnessing the power of the law of attraction to manifest one’s desires.

They have mentioned copyrights, real video as well audio owners in the description of every video to avoid any strikes. Law of Attraction Coaching’s automated content production ensures a regular supply of uplifting and transformative videos for its subscribers.

Law of Attraction Coaching monetizes its YouTube channel through ads displayed in its videos. I didn’t find any affiliate links or sponsored content in their videos.


These ten YouTube automation channels exemplify the proper approach to building successful and engaging content in this business model. By studying these ten successful YouTube automation channels, you can gain valuable insights into what sets them apart and how they achieve substantial six-figure incomes every month.

From engaging content ideas and unique presentation styles to consistent automation strategies, these channels have mastered attracting and retaining viewers. By incorporating their successful approaches into your YouTube automation channel, you can increase your chances of creating a thriving business and achieving financial success in this field.

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