Quizmatic Review: “It’s the Best Quiz Funnel Builder?”

If you’re a digital marketer you understand the importance of lead generation in growing your business. However, most lead magnets online are boring. So, we start looking at tools like Quizmatic. Here is my Quizmatic review to help you figure out if it’s a good quiz funnel builder tool for you or not.

Quizmatic Review

In this review, I will show you everything about this software. Like its features, how it works (from inside my dashboard), pros, and cons. First, let me give you a brief idea of the Quizmatic platform and what it does.

Quizmatic is the drag-and-drop quiz funnel builder. The platform is built to make creating quizzes simple. It allows you to create a quiz that records the responses of the participants. It also has many good customizable features that can help you optimize quizzes for your marketing campaigns.

Quizmatic Review: Platform Overview

Software/Product Quizmatic
Vendors Martin Crumlish & Karthik Ramani
Launched September 26, 2022
Category Software/Quiz Funnel Builder
Main Features Creating quizzes for lead generation purposes. Flexible customization, email platform integration, design opt-in forms, and more.
Price $27-$37/One Time
Support Effective Response
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Official Site

Quizmatic Pros and Cons List

  • Straight forward interface.
  • Easy to use with only a minor learning curve.
  • Several customization options.
  • Different quiz types.
  • Premade quiz templates.
  • In-depth analytics.
  • Email platform integration.
  • Generate URL, embed code, and QR code for quiz page.
  • It’s a one-time price.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • It launched recently, there are not many customer reviews.
  • It integrates with a few popular email marketing platforms.
  • It can not integrate with Zapier.

What Is Quizmatic?

Quizmatic is a brand new software that automatically creates quiz funnels that are engaging, connection-driven, and generate leads. It has easy and very flexible customization features, that help you to design your quiz funnel effectively for your business.

It helps you to design a quiz that collects information from participants. After they answer those questions, you can get participants’ responses, which help you to know, what they need and what service or product you need to offer them.

You can get the email addresses so that you can target them through their email addresses. The tool can integrate with some popular email marketing tools. You can see all email marketing tools Quizmatic can integrate with, in the features part below.

Who Is Quizmatic Effective For?

Quizmatic quiz software is suitable for online marketers that want to expand their email list and sell more products or services. Their designs cover many forms of online businesses or you can design from scratch based on your marketing strategy.

And I believe it is safe to assume that whether you have a website or service, having a quiz to guide and engage your audience will be beneficial.

How Does Quizmatic Work?

So how to set up your quiz funnel or landing page (lead magnet) with Quizmatic? I want to show you every step from inside my dashboard. But consider that I’m not going to give every step because the software has many detailed features when you create your quizzes and designs.

Step 1: Visit Your Dashboard

First, get your account and log in inside your dashboard, so you can start creating your quizzes as you like!

Quizmatic Dashboard

The first thing you will see inside your dashboard is the workspace you create, the campaigns you start, the impressions you get, and the total subscribers you get from your quiz funnels.

Of course, the first time you will see some dashes instead of numbers because you didn’t create any quizzes. After creating your quizzes you get all stats inside your dashboard.

Step 2: Create a Workspace


A workspace is a general place where you can control your projects, inside your workspace you control your projects like adding your custom domain, connecting your own domain, editing all your campaigns (quiz funnels), and managing your integrations.

Step 3: Create Campaign/Quiz Funnel

So this is the main part, creating your quiz funnel for your marketing purpose. When you’re ready to create your quiz, first you need to choose your template or quiz form. Quizmatic has good templates; if you’re not happy with those templates, you can create your own from scratch.

QuizMatic_ Quiz Templates

In creating quizzes, you have some customization flexibility as you can see in the screenshots, you can choose question elements, edit your questions, edit answers, add images & videos, and much more.

Choosing question elements

QuizMatic_ Question Elements

Quizmatic has various question elements to choose from like single choice, multiple choice, dropdown, true/false, text, and video choice. So when you create your quiz make sure to choose the easy and engaging question elements for your business.

Editing your questions

QuizMatic_ Edit Questions

After choosing your question elements, then it gives premade questions automatically, so if you’re happy with it you can use it. However, you can edit your questions as you like.

Editing answer choices

QuizMatic_ Editing Answers

Do you edit your questions as you like? If so you need to edit your answer choices based on your questions. It’s very easy to customize or edit your answer and questions. All are listed in the sidebar just click what you need to edit and edit it.

Adding images and videos to your quizzes

QuizMatic Adding Images and Videos

Let us say you set up your questions and answer choices effectively, but you want to explain your questions visually. This time you can add images and videos to your quizzes easily from the sidebar option. In the customization part, Quizmatic has many features, I gave you a few of them here.

Step 4: Setup Result Page that Redirects to Your Final Page

You create your quizzes and answer options, so after people take your quizzes they need the final result page that gives them the result for their quiz. That’s how you give them your service or the product page based on their response.

QuizMatic_ Customizing Result Page

You need to customize well your result page with some images, videos, and the most important call to action. I loved the Quizmatic result page customization options it’s very easy, and it has several editing features, that can make our result page very effective in the lead generation process. So finally get your quiz page.

QuizMatic_ Campaign Final Result

So after building and designing your quiz page then you can get the page URL, website embed code, and QR code URL. Those three options especially the embed code and QR code are very advanced features of Quizmatic.

They are very important for online marketers, especially for website owners, they can easily share the quiz page for their traffic or audience.

Quizmatic Features and Benefits

Now let’s see the features and benefits of Quizmatic. I mentioned some of the basic features earlier, and now I give you some advance and interesting features and their benefits.

Opt-In Form

Quizmatic Opt-in Form

Quizmatic allows you to design your quiz opt-in form and restrict quiz outcomes. So if you build an opt-in form with your quiz page, to see the quiz results, someone must submit an email address.

Lead generation is the entire purpose of making a quiz. All of your efforts would be useless if you were unable to get that targeted email address at the end. And Quizmatic has other opt-in elements not only an email address, you can see in the screenshot other elements.


QuizMatic Analytics

The first quality feature of Quizmatic is its analytics. It saves all data from your quiz pages like how many impressions you get, how many clicks you get, how many subscribers you get, and many detailed data from your quiz pages.

You can optimize your content and targeting when you know who is taking and sharing your quiz. Furthermore, the Quizmatic quiz builder allows you to examine how people are reacting to your quizzes. And it shows you how many times each answer is chosen.

Email Platform Integration

QuizMatic Email Platform Integration

Quizmatic integrates with a few of the most popular email marketing platforms, including AWeber, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp, and others. You may forward the lead who completed the quiz to your email marketing software (email list).

I hope my Quizmatic review explained everything to you about the software features. However, to discover more features and to see Quizmatic in action, I give you a demo video here.

Quizmatic Pricing and Upgrades

Let’s see the Quizmatic pricing and its upgrades. It has six plans those are Front End, Quizmatic Pro (OTO1), Quizmatic Agency (OTO2), Quizmatic DFY (OTO3), Quizmatic Whitelabel (OTO4), and Quizmatic Bundle. Let’s see their pricing one by one.

Quizmatic Front End

Quizmatic FE plan costs you $27-$37 one time. In this plan, you will get all features I mentioned in my review. I think the price is quite low than its alternative tools. Other quiz funnel builder tools pricing is a monthly plan. So if you want to try Quizmatic, check out all features that you will get in the FE plan.

Quizmatic FE Pricing

OTO 1: Quizmatic Pro

The Pro plan costs you $77-$97 one time. This pro plan gives you the advantage to build your quizzes without any limitations. You get some advantages like creating unlimited workspaces, creating unlimited quiz campaigns, and you will get additional templates. Check out Quizmatic full features.

OTO 2: Quizmatic Agency

The agency plan costs you $47-$77 one time. It has advanced features like creating and managing quizzes for clients, customizing your client branding, and many “done for you” assets that can help you in your marketing process. Check out all the agency plan features.

OTO 3: Quizmatic DFY

Quizmatic “done for you” plan pricing is $57-$77 one time. In this plan, you will get “done for you” quizzes, ten additional templates, two new templates every month, and much more. If you’re busy and don’t have time to create quizzes this DFY plan will help you. Discover more about Quizmatic DFY features.

OTO 4: Quizmatic Whitelabel

Whitelabel license will cost you $97-$147 one time. The Whitelabel plan gives you the license to make the Quizmatic software yours. You can change the domain with your, and you will get sales materials and a WL license. Check out Quizmatic Whitelabel.

Quizmatic Bundle

In the bundle deal, you can get a full funnel with a WL license for $247-$297 for a one-time price. Here is the Quizmatic bundle deal page.

My Final Thought on Using Quizmatic

I think and wish I covered all aspects of Quizmatic quiz funnel builder software. It’s quality software, and in the lead generation process, quizzes are useful to engage with customers and audiences. So to create those quizzes effective and professional way this software can help as.

It’s new software and it has some drawbacks when compared to other quiz builder tools. However, when we compare their price and features, you get most of the critical features in this software for a little one-time price.

My Quizmatic review is done. If you have any queries about this software or other thoughts, leave them in the comment I will be happy to reply. And thank you for your reading and time invested in my site.

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