Review 2023: Worth Using It? (Pros and Cons)

You’re here because of thinking about using, right? So here in my review, I will give you some advantages that this tool gives you in your advertising/marketing process, and some drawbacks you need to know before using the software.

Quick View Review

  • Generate ad/social creatives
  • Generate ad texts
  • Based on brand identity
  • Professional-looking designs
  • Ad accounts integration
  • Flexible pricing options
  • A 7-day free trial
  • Social media profile Integration
  • Expensive for small brands

PriceStarts from $29/month Review: Overview is AI-supported software designed to generate creatives and texts. It uses a quality AI model to generate professional-looking ad and social media creatives. It can design and generate 100 creatives in minutes for almost any ad/social media platform and resolution you like.

Designing creatives for your market can take more time and money if you do it yourself or hire professionals to create your designs. That’s when you should consider quality AI tools like, which save you time/money and increase productivity/conversion.


Note: If you think to try the software for only the free trial package, then you need to cancel it before the free trial period ends. As they explained in their terms and conditions, after the free trial package ends, and if you don’t cancel it they will charge you automatically without your permission. I notice that people are complaining about this issue, so you need to be careful with that!

What is Review

As I briefly mentioned before, is AI supported tool, which generates ad and social media creatives. The goal of is to increase users’ ad and social media campaign engagement and conversion.

When companies or businesses start growing, many of them have trouble maintaining connections with their clients. To keep up with that growth, the largest issue is coming up with content and ad creatives. That’s why this software was developed and launched.

Since its launch, has aided in producing several highly effective creatives. The software’s main goal and advantage are to get back to fundamentals and simplify things for advertisers and marketers.

The process of designing and doing market research for your ad and social creatives won’t keep you waiting for days or weeks on end. Without any trouble, creates your advertising and social media campaign based on your brand identity.

Who is Suited for? is an AI-powered ad creation platform that can benefit many individuals and businesses.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned advertiser/marketer, you can get help from in producing effective ads, generating social media posts, and also getting insights on your ads. These features help users increase engagement and conversions in their market.


Startups can benefit from as they may not have the resources to hire a dedicated team to design and create ads. With, startups can quickly produce eye-catching ads that help them stand out in the crowded market.

E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses are another group that can benefit from The tool allows e-commerce businesses to improve outcomes, produce convertible commercials, and design product images.

Whether there are one or a thousand products, can help create fully data-backed creatives in a matter of minutes.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies looking to provide their clients with effective, high-converting ads can benefit from as well. With this AI-powered platform, they can automatically create banners, ads, and more, with conversion rates higher than competing products.

It enables them to offer clients not just two options but dozens or even hundreds of interesting and distinctive ad creatives.

Social Media Marketers

Social media marketers can benefit from as well. It is an ideal solution for rapidly and easily producing engaging social media posts, almost for any platform and resolution.

How Does Work?

I think you got the overall idea of’s main tasks that can do for you. Now let’s see the step-by-step process of generating creatives with

Using is straightforward. The dashboard is sleek, and it doesn’t need any expertise or experience to use the tool. However, I know using can be tricky for some people, especially when they’re using it for the first time.

So, let me show you the basic steps for generating creatives with

Step 1: Register for an account

Of course, the first step is to sign up for an account. Browse the official website and click the “Register” button to sign up on the platform. You can use all of’s features and tools once you’ve registered for an account. Registration

“Create Your Brand” it’s the first thing you will see after signing in to your account. Just add your brand name, logo, and description. It detects those to generate your creatives.

Step 2: Select your creative type, platform, and format

After creating your brand, choose what you like to generate, ad creatives, social creatives, or text. I chose social creative for this one. - Choosing Creative Type, Platform, and Format

Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many other social media sites are all compatible with And you can generate creatives in various formats.

Step 3: Customize your creative

After selecting your platform and format, you can customize your creative. This could include adding a project description, your targeted audience, and your logo. - Editing Creatives

The software will add it automatically from the brand information that you added first. So you just need to add your texts or press the “text AI” button, then the AI will generate copies based on your brand description.

And to make your creative stand out, add a background image. You can upload your own image or choose from millions of stock images that the software offers.

Step 4: Generate your creatives

After customizing it, you can easily generate your creative with a few clicks. will use its AI model to generate high-quality creatives that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. It generates 100 different creatives, so you just need to scroll down the page until you found the right one.

And as you can see in the screenshot, the platform gives you an engagement score for generated social creatives and a conversion rate score for generated ad creatives. That helps you to grab the best ones from 100 generated creatives.

Is it a little bit confusing? So, if you want to see in action how works, you have the best demo here.

Try | Free for 7 Days Features

I tried to make my review in-depth and clear for you, so you won’t be confused. Here I listed the main feature of I explain how this tool can help you with creating and managing your ad and social creatives with its key features.

Generating Ad Creatives

The main feature of is generating ad creatives based on information that you give as input. As I mentioned earlier, it uses a well-trained AI model to generate those ad creatives. - Generating Ad Creatives

Their creative design is very attractive and it looks professional. I believe they increase the conversion and CTR of ad campaigns.

Generating Social Media Posts

Another major important feature of is its ability to generate social media posts. The software can quickly and efficiently create compelling and engaging content for businesses to post on social media platforms. - Generating Social Media Posts

This feature saves businesses valuable time and resources while maintaining a consistent social media presence.’s generated social media posts are optimized for maximum visibility and engagement.

Generating Ad Copies

The software is focused on designing or generating creatives, but on the other hand, it can generate headlines for your creatives and copies for your ad campaigns. Dozens of AI copywriting tools write copies, and gives the same quality results as other solutions I’ve tested in the past. However, AI-written copies always need human support!

Friendly and Sleek Dashboard

What I liked about the website is the design of the dashboard, It’s sleek. The website is clear, and the colors are attractive. User Friendly Dashboard

Overall, it has easy to use dashboard, a very sleekest, most beautiful, and fast website. That can help new users to use it effectively without any user experience issues with the software.

Ad Platform Integration can integrate with the 5 most well-known ad platforms, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest ads accounts. If you have an ad account, you can integrate or connect your accounts inside your dashboard.

And you can create your ad account if you still have no ad account. Creating a Google ad account through gives you some advantages, like getting ads credit.

Millions Copyright-Free Stock Images has partnered with iStock by Getty Images to create eye-catching creatives. Getty Images is the world’s top source and marketplace for visual content, with a diverse variety of content solutions and a growing library of over 486 million visual assets.

Images are essential in banner adverts and social media posts! When advertisers and marketers have access to millions of high-quality graphic assets, they can use AI to create spectacular creatives in seconds!

Try | Free for 7 Days

Scoring Creatives (A/B Testing)

This tool has a specialty from other AI creative generator tools. One of the specialties is it gives scores for final ad and social creative designs from an engagement and conversion perspective. Creatives Score

This tool did generate many creatives before, so based on that experience, it gives a score of 1-100 on how the design can increase conversions or engagement. So you can pick creatives that get a higher score.

Creative Insights

In this feature, after you connect your ad accounts, generate creatives, and run ad campaigns, will give you an idea of which ads are performing well based on data.

It gives you a list of your ad creatives with their rank from one up to ten. That can help you to duplicate those best-performing ad creatives and increase your conversion rate and CTR.

Google Analytics Integration

To get your ad data like CTR and conversion rate, it can integrate with Google Analytics. You can connect your Analytics account easily from the dashboard.

I think it is an important feature for marketers, that helps to know which converts and what needs improvement. After being aware of those data, that will be easy to make it improve the ad campaign’s conversion rate.

Color Picker Extension (Free)

It’s a Google extension called Color Picker by What this free extension does is very interesting, it can scan and get hex code. If you like and need any color on websites, it can help you to find the color’s hex code. Color Picker Extension

And also, it can scan CSS and get all color codes for you. So you can use this extension to scan websites and get all color codes to choose from for your ad and social creatives or other designs.

Free $500 Google Ads Credit

They collaborate with Google in a really effective way. If you go to the Google Ad Account portion of the dashboard and create an Ad account, Google will give you $500 in free ad credit once you spend $500. So, if you have a long-run plan with Google ads, you should consider this advantage! Pricing

Now let’s see the price of; the plan has two main categories. The first plan is called a Startup. This is suitable for individuals and small business owners who have a limited budget. Pricing

The second plan is called Professional. This is perfect for agencies, companies, and individual business owners who have a big budget for their marketing and advertising campaigns. Pricing

See the plans’ detailed pieces of information and prices below in the table.

Startups Plan Pricing

Price per Month $29 $59 $99 $149
Price Per Year $290 $590 $990 $1490
Number of Credits 10 25 50 100
Number of Brands 1 2 2 2
Number of Users 1 2 2 4

Professionals Plan Pricing

Price per Month $189 $249 $399 Custom
Price Per Year $1890 $2490 $3990 Custom
Number of Credits 100 200 500 Unlimited
Number of Brands 5 10 20 Unlimited
Number of Users 5 10 15 Unlimited
Try | Free for 7 Days Pros and Cons List

I was doing detailed research on the software, and I mentioned every feature and advantage of this software. So, now let’s see the overall pros and cons of the software.

✔️ Pros of Using

  • Straightforward dashboard: it’s friendly for all levels.
  • It generates quality 100 ad/social creatives in a minute (if not seconds).
  • It generates copies for ad and social media campaigns.
  • Design creatives based on brand Identity (It detects logo, colors, and description).
  • It can integrate with Meta, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest ad accounts.
  • It gives you an idea of which is the best by scoring 1 to 100.
  • Editing option for generated creatives, if you need to change something.
  • It gives you creative insight that helps to know which performs well.
  • Many advertisers/agencies work with
  • It has a 7-day free trial, you can cancel anytime.

✖️ Cons of Using

  • It’s expensive for small business owners.
  • There is no social media profile Integration.
  • Some of the generated creatives look messy (low quality). Sometimes the background image and text don’t fit the design.

Why We Need Quality Ad Creatives?

Let me take a break from my review and talk about the benefits of quality ad creatives for a little bit. There are several options available to you when it comes to advertising. Billboards, flyers, email marketing, and banner advertising are just a few examples, and each offers its own set of distinct benefits.

When we come to banner advertising, the possibility of prime placement through this sort of promotion may be quite advantageous for your company.

Then what precisely is banner advertising, and how does it work? Banner advertising, also known as display ads, is best thought of as a form of a digital billboard that employs visuals to draw attention. The purpose of these advertisements is to attract attention and increase visitors to your website or service and product sales pages.

A great banner ad will capture the reader’s interest and pique their curiosity about the product being offered. They are often brightly colored and engaging or communicate through visuals rather than text.

Why We Need Quality Social Media Posts?

Without a doubt, quality social media posts are essential for the success of all sorts of online businesses. Social media is a potent marketing tool supporting brand development, audience expansion, and revenue generation.

You can establish your brand as a thought leader in your sector and win over your followers’ trust by producing high-quality social media posts that accurately represent your company’s values, voice, and personality. As a result, you may increase your fan base and attract more potential clients.

Furthermore, social media algorithms favor high-quality content, so consistently posting top-notch content can increase your chances of getting more eyes on your posts. This can help you grow your reach and establish your brand as a leader in your industry.

Social media is also a powerful sales tool; your posts can help you showcase your products or services to your followers. By creating compelling content highlighting the benefits of what you’re selling, you can encourage your followers to take action and purchase. That’s why creating quality social media posts is important for businesses in 2023 and beyond.

Is Worth Investing in?

The short answer is yes, that’s because we require high-quality advertisement and social media creatives. can give us very professional and well-designed ad creatives and social media posts.

Nowadays, it’s not easy to get quality customers or website visitors. As advertisers and social media marketers, we need quality and professional look content and creatives to be successful.

So if you don’t have expertise in designing creatives and need to advertise your offer on the ad and social media platforms, you should try It’s a little bit pricy than other creative designing tools, but it’s better than them in quality and productivity too. “With consideration of the software’s drawbacks that I listed earlier!”. Alternatives


Celtra is currently one of the strongest competitors to in terms of managing and controlling your advertising campaigns by developing dynamic and contextual banners based on campaign data and insights.

It enables you to create a variety of ad formats such as inter-scrollers, interstitial alerts with scrolling interactivity, video banner messaging, social network-targeted advertisements, and dynamic ads with live feeds, location, and weather sensitivity. is a Social Media marketing platform that is an easy-to-use program for automating all parts of social media advertising and video advertising, and it’s designed to grow with the business. The program is suitable for retail, gaming, e-commerce, travel, media and entertainment, and other industries.

The program facilitates the consolidation of creatives, data, and material into a centralized cloud hub, resulting in improved performance across all social media platforms.’s configurable templates enable the design and construction of tailored adverts in the form of videos or images in minutes. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Try | Free for 7 Days

Final Words

So that’s all information I can share with you about the platform. If you love the software and decide to use it, I recommend you first try it for free. The price is a little bit high, so before purchasing, you need to make sure it’s the right tool for your advertising and social media campaign.

My review ends here. I hope that was useful. Thank you for choosing my site and reading my blog. Do you have any thoughts about I would be happy if you share them in the comment section.


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