YTSuite Review: Is It Best for YouTube Ads Campaign?

Hey, here is our post that covers all about YTSuite software. In this YTSuite review, we cover the software features, how it works, advantages, drawbacks, the software developer, and finally our thoughts on using the software.

YTSuite Review

So you need to create YouTube ads campaign right? So, if you’re in need, let’s see if this software (YTSuite) can help.

Did you know that YouTube is visited 35 billion times each month? (According to, Similar Web).

We don’t take it lightly either; every day, nearly one billion hours of YouTube are seen. And that’s why video advertising on YouTube is still so interesting.

Through a single channel, you can reach a wide and diverse audience that will be interested in your adverts. So after we agreed on that, we goes to the YT ad setup process that time we start thinking to use software like YTSuite.

YTSuite Review: Product Overview

Vendor Ben Murray
Product YTSuite
Launch Date 2022-May-31
Niche Software/Video
FE Price $37
Bundle Price $227
Support Effective Response
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
General Thought You're missing out on important advertising chances if you're not running YouTube Ads campaigns. If you're thinking to start the YT ads campaign all the processes going easy with YTSuite software.
Official Site

What Is YTSuite?

YTSuite is an all-in-one cloud tool for local businesses that automates the design of AdWords and YouTube advertising campaigns.

This offer includes agency rights, allowing you to create your own YouTube advertising agency or just use the technology for the first time to generate agency leads.

So briefly, YTSuite is an all-in-one video leads solution that assists you in creating profitable YouTube video ads that generate quick leads for any small and medium-sized businesses. Let’s see the general concepts of AdWords and YouTube ads.

AdWords Brief Introduction

AdWords is a Google advertising network that contains search, display, video, and app advertising.

AdWords allows you to display your ads on some other sites inside the Google display network, within mobile applications, on google SERPs, and much more.

If you would like to advertise for generating leads, Google AdWords is a perfect way to start. This article explained the fundamentals of AdWords.

However, if you are new to AdWords, you will need to learn a lot. By the way, as you can see in the screenshot below, the YTSuite itself gives you video tutorials on AdWords inside your dashboard.

YTSuite Review - AdWords Training

YouTube Ads Brief Introduction

YouTube is one of the top two most frequented websites in the world, trailing only Google, with approximately 1 billion unique users each month. Every day, 5 million YouTube videos are seen on average.

That is why so many companies recognize YouTube’s inherent advertising potential. Google, too, recognizes the value of YouTube ads, announced in January 2017.

That it was revamping Google Ads (previously AdWords) to allow advertisers to reach more users on YouTube, particularly on mobile devices, which account for 50 percent of YouTube views.

Creating and running ads on YouTube is an efficient means of increasing your lead, engagement, and brand exposure, as well as driving visitors to your website and, eventually, increasing your bottom line.

Who Should Use YTSuite Software?

Before we cover more about this software we need to talk about that who YTSuite is suitable for and who gets benefits from this software. So let’s see if it is right for you. YTSuite is perfect for:

  • Who has a local business and if needed advertises that small business on YouTube ads.
  • Who does affiliate marketing, and if needed advertise the affiliate products or services on YouTube ads.
  • Who works as a freelancer or service provider on YouTube ads, can use the YTSuite software to fast respond to clients.
  • Who has a YouTube channel, website, or some other brand and if needed to advertise on YouTube ads to get brand awareness.
  • And generally, YTSuite is for everyone who uses YouTube ads for their marketing strategy. It makes no difference whether you are an expert or a novice when it comes to YouTube advertising. As I told you before, you get training videos inside YTSuite.

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Why Do You Need to Use YTSuite Software?

So why do you need YTSuite software, is it worth buying? for YouTube advertisers, (if you’re) it can give you the best features like:

Creating quality video ads, video ad templates, stock video footages, images, audios, voiceovers, text to speeches, and flexible video editing.

Plus, YouTube ads campaign, YouTube ads placement, uploading created videos on specific YouTube videos, creating landing pages for your lead capture, AdWords training videos, and much more.

If you’re experienced with YouTube ads you know that video creation is the main part. And to get professional-looking video ads you need some software or platforms. But the hard part is those companies cost you big money.

But for quality AdWords and YouTube video ads creation campaigns at an affordable price, in our thought, YTSuite is the best choice for you. You can get all the price information down there, so keep reading.

YTSuite Features and Benefits

When we come into YTSuite features we get some exciting and very useful features. Those features are very critical for people using the YouTube ads campaign. So let’s see the best features that YTSuite can give us.

YouTube Ads Training is Included

YTSuite has the best video courses or training inside the dashboard. You will learn how to access and use the AdWords dashboard with this additional training. That is a good thing for new YTSuite users right?

Drag/Drop Multi-Timeline Video Creator

In YTSuite software, you can make eye-catching video advertising with quality stock footage, voiceovers, music, graphics, and more – all adjustable.

Hundreds of Local DFY Video Templates

Inside the software, you will get hundreds of video templates in the top local themes that are specifically designed for YouTube advertisements.

Discover Profitable AdWords Placements, Subjects, and Keywords

Save a lot of money by discovering the finest places and topics to employ in AdWords advertising. In Google AdWords, YouTube ad placements can be the most precise targeting choice.

However, most advertisers are unaware of how to properly execute them. You may believe that placements do not work if you do not understand campaign settings. But with YTSuite you can make the ads placement easily.

Cloud AdWords Landing Page Builder

YTSuite enables you to develop cloud lead generation pages for each of your video campaigns to capture leads and sales.

Organize Campaigns By Client

You can organize campaigns based on projects and client YouTube channels.

Auto-Submit YouTube Campaigns

The next exciting and best feature of YTSuite software is it can develop and submit a high-converting YouTube video advertisements campaign for you.

YTSuite Advantages

With YTSuite YouTube video ad maker, you can capture the attention of a larger audience on the world’s largest video streaming platform.

You may quickly and effectively reach new clients for any business or product by using online video ads, and you can prioritize brand recognition.

You have the option of starting from scratch or selecting from a library of professionally-made video clips and designs. Music, personal video footage, and photos can be uploaded.

YTSuit YouTube ad maker gives the resources you need to make advertising videos that stand out and turn viewers into buyers, no matter what you pick.

YTSuite Review: Additional Advantage Lists

  • The clips are outstanding, have good production quality, and are increasing in number all the time. This tool saves both time and money.
  • There are many current templates for rapid and high-quality video commercials that can be published in a matter of minutes.
  • It does not only create video ads you can upload your created video ads on YouTube by choosing your topic and even the exact video from a single dashboard.
  • Generally, you can run all your YouTube ad campaigns easily. Now let’s see some of the YTSuite drawbacks.

YTSuite Disadvantages

So the only YTSuite drawback is that the software is not aged. The software is launched recently, that’s because didn’t get many user reviews to get the main drawbacks.

But I’m working on it to review the software aggressively. When I got the software disadvantages I will update my review.

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How Does YTSuite Works?

How you can use YTSuite if you use it for your customers? or if you want to sell the software services to your clients? Let’s see step by step process.

Watch YTSuite AdWords Training Videos

Before you start setting up your YouTube campaign on YTSuite you have to understand all about AdWords especially if you’re a beginner at advertising.

So to understand how AdWords work you don’t need to go anywhere, you can get training videos on your YTSuite dashboard.

Step 1: Create Lead Videos Optimized for YouTube

YTSuite Review - Create Ad

First, start with the drag-and-drop video creator to create a properly optimized YouTube video ad from a variety of DFY templates in popular local business niches or start from scratch.

Step 2: Locate Cost-Effective AdWords Placements, Topics, and Keywords

YTSuite Review - Campaign Setup

Then, let YTSuite determine the most cost-effective locations, themes, and keywords for your advertising.

Step 3: Create an AdWords-optimized landing page for them

YTSuite Review - Create Landing Pages

Allow YTSuite to develop a fully optimized, AdWords-approved lead page for each video you create to collect leads and sales.

Step 4: Submit Campaigns to their AdWords Account and Receive Payment

YTSuite Review - Submit Your Campaign

Complete your fully optimized AdWords campaign and effortlessly submit the data to the client’s AdWords account. Charge for app access on a per-campaign basis, per lead, or every month.

YTSuite Price and Upsells

Now we are going to cover, how much this software costs you for its service. And when we cover this part consider that the software owners will update the price on a weekly or monthly basis after seeing their customer reaction. However, we will update all information about this software.

Front End: YTSuite Advanced

The basic or Front End YTSuite offer costs you $37 now. YTSuite includes all of the tools needed to build highly effective AdWords and YouTube advertising campaigns for local businesses.

All of the functions mentioned above, as well as Commercial Rights and Agency Rights, are also included.

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YTSuite Fast Pass Bundle Deal

This YTSuite “Fast Pass” Bundle offer costs you $227. But to get this bundle offer first you need to purchase for front end offer. After that, you will get a chance to purchase the “Fast Pass” bundle deal inside your dashboard.

OTO 1: YTSuite Professional

So when we come to YTSuite Professional and if you need it you have to purchase $97. This offer includes a more powerful version of YTSuite features like:

  • Make and save an unlimited number of videos.
  • Create and host an infinite number of lead pages.
  • Run an unlimited number of lead campaigns.
  • Capture unlimited leads.
  • Their favorite video and landing page layouts.
  • Hosting pages on the domains of clients.
  • Run webinar lead generation campaigns.
  • Bonuses for VIP Professionals.
  • Time to render VIP video.

YTSuite Professional Lite

This is the down sale (DS) of YTSuite Professional and if you need this package you have to purchase $57. So this is a stripped-down version of YTSuite Professional with less functionality.

OTO 2: YTSuite DFY

YTSuite Done For You offer is a little more pricey than other offers it cost you $197, But inside this offer gives you the best features that are worth the price. Their staff will assist you in securing your first YouTube client as part of a unique DFY package, which includes:

  • Team Member technology will be licensed and integrated.
  • Whitelabel DFY SOP Campaign: create sops to use or sell to clients through AdWords and a video advertising campaign.
  • In some of the most profitable categories, DFY video lead campaigns are available (including DFY video templates and more lead pages).
  • YTSuiteTemplate Club membership: additional templates every month for a year.
  • YouTube Agency DFY Site for YT Advertising, incorporates e-commerce technology, a 5-year hosting package, testimonials, and other features.
  • DFY Agency YouTube Videos: Use DFY YouTube lead videos to help your agency land clients.
  • Reseller Rights and Reseller Materials: sell YTSuite by including a link in your ads.
  • YTSuite includes one-on-one support to help ensure success. They’ll assist you in setting up your first ad campaign, clarifying anything in the training, and generating your first leads.

YTSuite DFY-Lite

This YTSuite package is the down sale (DS) of the YTSuite DFY offer and it cost you $67. And it is a lighter version of YTSuite DFY with fewer features and a reduced price.

OTO 3: YTSuite Elite

When we come to the OTO 3 offer of YTSuite that’s called Elite and that costs you $97. This most powerful version of YTSuite offers the following features:

  • License for unlimited agency accounts.
  • The opportunity to customize the app’s logo, branding, and colors.
  • Obtain a bundle of cold email swipes, telle-swipes, a print-on-demand materials contract, a legal agreement, and more to get agency clients.
  • Elite VIP benefits.

OTO4: YTSuite Agency Marketplace Bundle

This YTSuite Agency Marketplace Bundle offer costs you $97. The largest collection of agency assets ever assembled. You will be granted white label rights to the following:

  • Template collection: above 500 distinct local specialized sites with 1 click installation.
  • Graphics pack: above 5000 agency graphics for use in films and sales pages.
  • Whitelabel Rights to more than 200 lead magnets and agency marketing items are included in this PLR bundle.

You can create entire websites for clients, Amazon products, video marketing products, and more with this.

OTO 5: YTSuite MotoCom Special Offer

This offer costs you the same as upgrades 3 and 4 but the features that you get in this offer are very special. MotoCom is the world’s most advanced local website builder.

You can create corresponding agency sites in addition to landing pages. Motocom provides 100+ premium built-in sites in the best local niches to preview or utilize, as well as 100+ pre-built custom shortcodes, pre-built headers and footers, SEO optimization, and much more.

OTO 6: YTSuite MotoKart Special

This offer costs you like some other upgrades $97. MotoKart is the world’s most advanced digital store builder.

You can build stores quickly to promote and market your agency’s services or to assist local businesses in selling their services.

Small businesses must begin selling online to thrive, and MotoKart makes it simple, saving thousands of dollars in Shopify fees. MotoKart is so strong that you could use it to create your Envato-style marketplace.

Who Develop the YTSuite Software

The YTSuite developers are Ben Murray and Vivek Gour, they are one of the best software developers and top sellers on the Jvzoo affiliate network.

YTSuite Software Developers
YTSuite Software Developers Ben Murray and Vivek Gour

Ben received his undergraduate education at the University of Colorado in Boulder and his MBA from the University of Iowa. He has worked with small, private technological enterprises up to big, multibillion-dollar public companies. Vivek is a marketing professional with 10 plus years of experience with an IT company.

So, for more check out how the software packs quality features for us. Watch the software in action down there with the owner of YTSuite who is called Ben Murray, he will explain everything.

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YTSuite Conclusion and Final Words

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tactics you can use if you own a small or medium-sized business nowadays. Simply said, it has the potential to improve your marketing outcomes in terms of leads and customers.

Finding video footage, content, and music for your video is one of the most difficult aspects of video production. This is where YTSuite shines and outperforms any other video platform.

Their inventive templates and extensive video library are highly inspiring, with ideas for practically any type of business or occasion. Aside from the time and money saved, you should give it a try.

So my YTSuite review ends here. I hope it was useful, if you have any thoughts regarding my review and my blog leave your thought below in the comment section.

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