WebCop Review: Best Legal Compliance Tools for Your Websites

You’re here looking for a WebCop review, right? If so, read my honest review before deciding to evaluate WebCop’s strengths and weaknesses. Let’s find out if it’s worth your time and money.

In this article, you will learn all aspects of this WebCop as well as its features, price, strengths, weaknesses, OTOs, and bonuses.

Check out this WebCop review for more details so you can purchase without any confusion or doubt.

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What Is WebCop?

WebCop is a cloud-based on-premises Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution that enables businesses to manage secure downloads and access to a variety of software and digital content.

The platform automatically validates user credentials and machine IDs by matching information with web authentication servers to grant access to authorized users.

WebCop Review

With WebCops, organizations can encrypt media data, installation packages, and more to facilitate secure distribution and access for specific users.

In addition, administrators can activate apps via email, QR codes, phone, or fax. It is available in one-time payments and support is provided by phone and email.

Who WebCop Is Suitable For?

WebCop is suitable for all which are work in the digital marketing industry. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. If you want to market on the internet 100% legally, WebCop is for you! Specially for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • E-commerce Store Owners
  • Internet Security Specialists
  • Web Developers
  • Freelancers and more…

WebCop Features

WebCop scans your website and automatically detects privacy and lawsuit risks so you can fix them quickly. Then with one line of code, anyone can sell it as a service!

And inside WebCop you will get 11 legal compliance tools for your websites those are:

Lawsuit Website Analyzer

This tool is included in WebCop and can be used to perform a detailed scan on all selected websites to identify issues that may lead to a complaint without installation.

With a mouse click, you can get instant scan results that show potential legal issues that need to be resolved in just a few seconds.

This visual tool is a great way to show the business owner what they offer, and it also makes it easy to close a deal and get paid.

Lawsuit Website Widget

Copy and paste this widget to your agency’s website for a free legal trial and compliance for rapid lead generation.

This tool automatically scans any website that performs compliance testing for legal and compliance issues.

This is a great way to grow your agency as the widget not only solves problems but also helps you close your business and solve problems.

Privacy Policy Generator

Surprisingly, many websites do not have a privacy policy, although it could be an FTC violation that could result in a fine.

WebCop will quickly detect this and automatically create a privacy policy for any website that doesn’t have one, no hard work is required.

Lawyers regularly charge over $ 2,000 for this service, but you can charge less and keep 100% of the profits for you.

WebCop Review

Disclaimer Generator

Every website that sells something should have a disclaimer to avoid liability and to explain what is being offered and how everything works.

WebCop also offers a module that handles this easily. It instantly creates a full disclaimer that protects the site owner from lawsuits and liability.

Cookie Consent Generator

The use of cookies on our website requires the consent of our visitors under GDPR and other laws.

This simple tool allows you to easily add it to any client site to avoid restrictions and fines. An easy way to invoice over $500 in minutes with a simple operation.

Terms And Conditions Generator

Terms and conditions pages are very important for websites that collect leads or sell something, but many websites don’t have that page. This simple tool allows you to easily add a T&C page to any online website.

Lawyers charge hundreds of dollars an hour for this. This can be easily done in minutes using WebCop and you can charge whatever fees you need to make a profit quickly and easily.

Cookie Widget Generator

Many commercial websites are actively working on adding a cookie widget and this tool inside WebCop quickly and efficiently adds a cookie widget with just a few clicks.

Quickly create custom cookie tools that comply with the Electronic Privacy Directive and the GDPR. With WebCop, you can click through in minutes and charge from $500 to $1,000 or more.

Return & Refund Policy Generator

Establishing a refund policy has been shown to increase buyer confidence, increase sales, and reduce refunds and chargebacks.

Unfortunately, creating a legally sound return and refund policy can be time-consuming and complicated.

With this return and refund policy generator, you can enter some simple details and click the mouse to create a watertight return and refund policy for any website so that you can get high rates.

ADA Fixer

This simple tool finds ADA compliance issues on any website and fixes them quickly and easily.

It typically costs $2,000 to $3,500 or more to fix these issues, but WebCop does all the work for you. Recharge as much as you want and keep 100% of your earnings.

SSL Fixer

A business website must use SSL to protect important customer data and get the best possible search results. This tool detects all SSL issues.

Easily solve the problems that can cause visitors to leave a website because the website claims it is not safe.

Companies are happy to pay you because this problem alone can cost them thousands of dollars in traffic bounces.

Plagiarism Checker

WebCop can find and remove any plagiarism of text, image, or video from the website with one click and avoid fines and lawsuits…

This is a common problem and can be detrimental to your business. Load what you want and keep 100% of your profits.

WebCop Review

WebCop Price and Upgrades

Bundle: WebCop Entire Funnel (Price – $297)

All funnel offers included all upsells or OTOs. $712 total retail price if purchased individually.

Front End WebCop (Price – $37)

  • Web-based app
  • Lawsuit website checker (unlimited)
  • Lawsuit website widget (unlimited)
  • Privacy policy generator (10 websites)
  • Disclaimer generator (10 websites)
  • Cookie consent generator (10 websites)
  • Terms and conditions generator (10 websites)
  • Cookie widget generator (10 websites)
  • Return & refund policy generator (10 websites)
  • Ada fixer (50 websites)
  • SSL fixer (unlimited)
  • Plagiarism checker (50 searches)

OTO 1: Senior WebCop (Price $47 – $67)

Unlimited access to all features plus additional features like:

  • Real-life case studies
  • Upgraded support access
  • Exclusive bonuses with access to additional apps

OTO 2: Chief WebCop (Price – $67)

  • Access to client-getting scripts and emails.
  • Client-getting videos.
  • Proposals for closing sales with ease.
  • ‘Done for you’ client-getting agency website.
  • Easy-to-customize graphics.
  • Step-by-step agency training where we show you exactly how to make money with WebCop.

OTO 3: Executive WebCop (Price – $37 Monthly, $67 Yearly, $147 Unlimited)

  • This a.i. Assistant add-on to WebCop will save time, add additional money-making features, and allow users to increase their profits by adding new methods for helping clients and getting paid.
  • Pain agitation solution email generation.
  • Blog titles creator.
  • Quickly create blog outlines.
  • Facebook and google ad creator.
  • Aida email generation.

OTO 4: Executive WebCop Plus (Price – $37 Monthly, $97 Yearly, $197 Unlimited)

  • Request new features to be added to updates.
  • Vip Facebook group.
  • Monthly training and updates.
  • A monthly updated list of non-compliant websites (we do all the research for every club member).
  • Monthly marketing scripts.
  • Follow up for any questions or additional assistance.

OTO 5: Commando (Price – $147 Yearly, $197 Unlimited)

  • Admin panel to create and manage vas, team members & clients’ accounts.
  • Resell WebCop to others.
  • Charge whatever you want and keep 100% of the profit.
  • Proven-to-convert sales materials.
  • We handle all support and updates.

WebCop Demo and Tutorial Video from the Creator

WebCop Pros and Cons List

WebCop Pros

  • WebCop uses its advanced technology to solve up to 10 deadly Lawsuits.
  • Pitfalls that your website and that of your customers have right now.
  • Including plagiarism, ADA, GDPR, TOS, and more!
  • One with just one line of code!
  • WebCop is something that will save you money.
  • Offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WebCop Cons

  • Have only a limited number of open spaces.
  • WebCop closes when full.
WebCop Review

WebCop Alternatives


Termly helps you regularly create high-quality legal pages for your website and stay on top of privacy laws. It comes complete with comprehensive legal policies, simple consent management tools, and coverage of US/EU privacy laws.


Iubenda is adaptive software used by businesses for websites and applications. This will help you establish your website’s terms of use and privacy policy and ensure that they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

My Final Thought on Using WebCop

My conclusion is that if you have any kind of website you have to be careful. Do not bother your business with legal issues. I think many companies will be grateful to have this great tool in their hands.

So if you need it for your purposes or have the opportunity to tell others about WebCop and make money, do it now. By paying once, you save money in the long run. If you don’t use it, you will hate it after all.

That’s why we’re collecting this WebCop review, to help you get the most out of it and start your great business in 2022.

So my WebCop review ends here. If you have any queries about my blog or reviews leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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