Vocalic Review: Is the Best Voice-Over and Video Creator?

Are you an online marketer? or content creator, right? that’s why you’re trying to know about Vocalic. So here in my Vocalic review, you will get clear information about this software and you will find out what this software can do for you.

Plus, you will get some sample voice-overs created with Vocalic, and screenshots from inside the software. Now let’s dive into our review, I start with the product overview and the software pros and cons.

Vocalic Review

Vocalic is the software that can create human-like voice-overs and videos for your online marketing or freelance service purpose.

Vocalic Review: Product Overview

Vendor Dr.Amit Pareek
Product Vocalic
Launch Date 2022-Jul-06
Niche Software: Voice-Over & Video Creator
FE Price $34 - $37
Bundle Price $297 [Get Discount Here]
Support Effective Response
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Official Site

Now let’s see the Vocalic software pros and some drawbacks. I list the pros and cons early because it can save you time from reading the detailed review article.

So if you’re interested in the pros and considering the drawbacks of the software, you can read the software’s detailed review, which can give you fully actionable and visual information.

  • It converts text to speech.
  • It has 30 language options.
  • Straight forward interface.
  • Include step-by-step training.
  • You can create videos based on the voice-over that you created in Vocalic.
  • Set up your voice-over for the podcast.
  • Include free bonuses inside your dashboard.
  • You get an agency license for the software.
  • Affordable one-time price.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • The software was launched recently, it has not many customer reviews.
  • If you choose languages for your voice-over creation other than English you don’t get enough voice options except for the English language.
  • Some of the software features are still in the development process.

What Is Vocalic?

Vocalic is a software developed for content creators to assist with their video and voice-over creations using AI technology.

Vocalic can create interactive videos for YouTube channels, video advertisements, e-learning, customer onboarding, websites, and many other marketing platforms.

To create a high-quality video with this AI video production software, you don’t need a studio, actors, video recorders, or recording equipment. You need well-written text to create your videos and voice-overs with Vocalic.

Who Should Use Vocalic Software?

Software like Vocalic is a must-have tool for companies, small-to-medium organizations, and individual content creators wishing to make super-realistic voices across many ages, languages, and accents without hiring expensive voice actors.

This voice-over and video creation tool is ideal for all types of small content makers, including L&D, authors, and new podcasters, as well as educators, animators, small product developers, and corporate trainers.

The software is ideal for small online business owners and anyone looking to make videos with voiceovers on a tight budget. You will be able to make realistic contents that are good for your business or education, such as:

  • Explainer and product videos.
  • Commercials and promotional videos.
  • Course modules for eLearning.
  • Podcasts, audiobooks, video games, and YouTube videos.
  • Customer service/IVR phone system.
  • Software apps and demos for corporate training.
  • And much more…

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How Does Vocalic Work?

Now we see how the software works. As I mentioned earlier Vocalic does a couple of things it does audio (voice-overs) in its popular name text to speech.

In the video part, you can create whiteboard videos or you can create your videos from scratch. And we will see how to create podcasts with Vocalic.

Finally, we will see what free download bonuses offer by Vocalic, plus their training and support.

So let’s find out how the software work by trying it in action. For visual understanding, I captured some screenshots from inside Vocalic for you.

How to Create Voice-Over with Vocalic

Creating Voice-Over with Vocalic

As you can see in the screenshot creating a voice-over with Vocalic software is very straightforward. All you need to create your audio is good written text with the right format and the right punctuation marks.

After filling the text box, you can choose human voices from the left side of the text box. You can choose from all listed voices and use that fits your video (voice-over) or audio.

Vocalic has many language options, but it does not have many voice options except the English language. Below you can listen to voice-overs that I created with Vocalic software.

How to Create Video with Vocalic

Creating Video with Vocalic

To create a video in Vocalic first you choose your video type if it is a whiteboard video if you want to add your own video file, and if you want to create your video from scratch. Choose as you like.

Then give the title for your project, after that choose the video resolution, choose the background audio that you want, select animation or transition, and finally press the upload & process button.

How to Create Podcast with Vocalic

Creating Podcast with Vocalic

When we come to generating or making podcasts with Vocalic, that is very easy after generating your vice-overs. Choose podcast from the menu bar or left sidebar.

After that choose your voice-overs from your library and add them voice file list box, you can add up to five audios.

Choose your background music and add whatever you want, you can adjust the volume of the music. Finally, click the merge and generate button and get your podcast’s final result.

Vocalic Review Bonuses

Vocalic Review: Free Bonuses

Vocalic has some free bonuses for software users. As you can see in the screenshot you can get it by clicking the bonus button from the menu bar.

Some of their bonuses are very useful for online marketers or content creators. The bonus pack includes a niche finder, article rewrite, opt-in generator, video marketing domination, unique exit popup, affiliate marketing A-Z, and much more.

Generally, inside Vocalic, you get 20 bonuses, and if you purchase the product you will get access to all bonuses for free download.

Vocalic Training and Support

Vocalic Training and Support

Vocalic have step by step training on how the software benefits you, and how you can use it for your business. They have training in videos and PDF form.

They have a FAQs page where you can learn more about the software. And if you have queries you can contact them on their contact page.

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Vocalic All Features

  • You can convert any text into a real human-like voiceover in a few simple steps.
  • You may use voiceover to transform any text script into a whiteboard video.
  • Create a video directly from the image URL or from your device.
  • Any of your videos can benefit from background music.
  • Create voiceovers in over 150 human and AI voices, as well as 30 languages.
  • Create videos by searching for images with keywords and adding a soundtrack (voice-over).
  • A built-in content spinner allows you to personalize your scripts.
  • There are no technical difficulties for newcomers.
  • With integrated my drive, you may save and securely share an unlimited number of videos, voiceovers, and other media.
  • You will receive an agency license, allowing you to begin selling voiceover and video creation services and profit handsomely.

Vocalic Review: More Interesting Features

  • Options for video quality.
  • Include background music.
  • Include your own watermark.
  • Branding: include your logo.
  • 3 Million stock photos & videos.
  • Share pages that are SEO optimized.
  • To market your videos, use a video channel.
  • Folder management.
  • Capture an unlimited number of leads and audiences.
  • Personalized domain for sharing pages and channels.

Vocalic Demo Video

Does Vocalic Worth It?

Vocalic is good software for small business owners, but not big companies. The software can help new YouTubers, video advertisers, small freelancers, and some like those.

In my opinion, creating the podcast with Vocalic doesn’t worth it for now. AI voice podcasts are not interesting, and the listeners don’t like them at all.

For video creation again it is good for small businesses and small freelancers or content creators. All I am interested in from this software feature is its voice-over creation that’s cool. The other feature is not bad but not good too.

Generally, Vocalic is worth testing for small online marketers and content creators. When we see the price of this software it’s low and more affordable than other text-to-speech creator software.

Vocalic Pricing and Upgrades

Now we find out the pricing of Vocalic. The software pricing is different based on the software upgrades.

So here I give you information about all plans and pricing and what features include inside all FE and upgrades.

Consider that when a new software launches pricing is not fixed they change their price after seeing their customer feedback.

Vocalic FE: Personal and Commercial

The pricing of Vocalic personal is $34 and the commercial plan costs you $37. When you purchase the FE plan you will get many features like:

  • Make an unlimited number of videos from text and add voice-over (up to 2000 character scripts).
  • Make a video by using a keyword search to find images and then adding a voice-over.
  • Make a video out of any image on the internet by using the image URL and adding a voice-over.
  • Upload images from your device and add a voice-over to make a video.
  • Simple to use video editor.
  • Voice-over and background music can be added to any video.
  • Text-to-Speech AI with a plethora of human and AI voices.
  • Create an unlimited number of voice-overs for up to 3500 characters.
  • More than 75 voices and 30 languages.
  • Voice-over speed can be adjusted using the Vocalic controller.
  • Render video to various video qualities such as HD, 720p, and so on as needed.
  • Use any video editing software that supports voice-over.
  • A successful podcast may be made from any script.
  • Voice-over, watermark, logo, and background music can be added to videos.
  • Video, music, and other media items of up to 2 GB can be saved.
  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • Included is an agency license.
  • Provide your clients with high-demand voiceover and video creation services.

OTO 1: Vocalic Pro

Vocalic Pro has two options monthly plan or a one-time price plan. The monthly package is $37 per month, with a one-time fee of $97. Let’s see the features that you get inside the Pro plan. [Vocalic Pro]

  • Up to 10,000 characters are available for unlimited voice-over.
  • Up to 2500 characters on a larger whiteboard video (text to video).
  • Additional 75+ voices and 30+ languages are available.
  • Media storage has been increased to 5 GB.
  • Stock images, videos, GIFs, and other media, choose from 10,000+ media files to use in your videos and increase ROI.
  • 50+ additional pieces of background music
  • Upload your own music to add custom background music.
  • Create a high-ticket webinar, or use voice-over to convert any script into a webinar presentation.
  • Create an endless amount of podcasts from any script.
  • Create sales videos, blog videos, product videos, and affiliate reviews.
  • Videos, YouTube video shorts, social media video ads, educational videos, and so on.
  • Make audiobooks out of eBooks.
  • To get more effective video & voice-over scripts, use the content spinner.
  • License for commercial use to serve your customers.

DownSell: Vocalic Lite

Vocalic Lite is the down-sell plan of Vocalic Pro. This lite plan costs you $47 for a one-time price. The majority of the features are comparable to the pro plan, although there are some differences. see the different features inside this plan. [Vocalic Lite]

  • Additional 25+ voices and 15+ languages are available.
  • Media storage has been increased to 3 GB.
  • 15+ additional pieces of background music.
  • Personal use license for serving your customers.

Except for these four features, they all are similar to the Pro plan features.

OTO 2: Vocalic Drive

In the Vocalic Drive plan, you get some interesting features. The price is $77, let’s see the features that you get inside this plan. [Vocalic Drive]

  • My Drive is a secure storage location for your videos, voiceover, images, and other media.
  • Storage is limitless.
  • Elegant and SEO-optimized sharing pages for your videos and files.
  • Store and play Vocalic-created videos.
  • Make a video channel to play and promote your videos.
  • A single platform allows you to handle all of your files in one spot.
  • For folder administration, share the entire folder or a specific file.
  • Secure your video and other media files with a password.
  • Capture an unlimited number of leads and audiences from your share page.
  • Like, dislike, engagement, and branding are all factors to consider.
  • Online backup and file recovery for 30 days.
  • Filter for full-text search.
  • Before sharing, please preview and download the files.
  • Advance share page analytics to get a complete picture of how your media is faring.
  • Increase your engagement with 3Mn royalty-free stock images and videos.

OTO 3: Vocalic Agency

In Vocalic agency, you have two options the first one is a 100 clients license and the second one is an unlimited client license.

For 100 clients’ licenses, you have to pay $67 and for the unlimited client’s license, you have to pay $97. Let’s see the features that you get inside the Vocalic agency. [Vocalic Agency]

  • Reseller license 100 clients/unlimited clients.
  • Sell It to whoever you want and keep 100% of the profits on the main product.
  • There will be no product, sales page, or marketing materials created.

OTO 4: Premium Membership

I don’t understand their premium features and pricing you can learn from their website. By the way, I didn’t test out the Vocalic upgrades, all the information I listed here about Vocalic upgrades is from their information page. [Vocalic Premium]

Conclusion & Final Thoughts on Using Vocalic

Finally, in my opinion, Vocalic is a newly launched software for small online content creators. I don’t recommend it to big online marketers and content creators.

But it’s not pricey if you have the willingness to test the software. You can purchase the software and test if the software is fit your business. If you don’t like it, you can request a refund; they have a refund policy.

So I hope this review article can help you in deciding whether to use this software or not. If you have some queries on the software or about my website you can leave them in the comment section.

My Vocalic review ends here thank you for your time invests in my site and bye for now.

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