QR Verse Review: Is the Best QR Code Builder Tool?

You want to know QR Verse is the right tool to build your QR codes right? So here in my QR Verse review article, I give you clear and detailed information about the software.

Do you need a QR code to embedded on your website to gather feedback, registrations, customer data, order details, e-signatures for waivers, and more?

And you want to know if QR Verse is the right software for you, if so, I cover everything here.

QR Verse Review

Let me begin by providing a brief introduction to QR codes.

QR code is defined as a quick response code and can be read by a smartphone through the camera or a free downloadable app. When you scan a QR code, you will be taken to the information or website included within the code.

Now let’s start reviewing the software, I start with the product overview and pros and cons of the software.

QR Verse Review: Product Overview

Vendor Misan Morrison
Product QR Verse
Launch Date 2022-Jul-11
Niche Software/QR Code Builder
FE Price $47
Bundle Price $297
Support Effective Response
Refund 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Official Site

Here is the pros and cons list of the software. This list can help you to understand the software’s general advantages and drawbacks. After that, you can read the detailed review.

  • It’s easy to create QR codes even for newbies.
  • It can create dynamic & static QR codes.
  • It provides 20+ QR code types for creators.
  • Very flexible customization, in designing QR codes.
  • Instant download and share.
  • Video tutorial from experienced QR code creators.
  • You can track your QR code scanners from your dashboard.
  • 14 days money-back guarantee.
  • It’s a one-time price (no monthly fee).
  • It was launched recently, so it hasn’t many user reviews.
  • In the front-end plan, you can create only 50 QR codes.

What Is QR Verse?

QR Verse is a QR code generator. It’s used to generate a wide range of QR codes. It can create from 20+ types of QR codes in a few minutes. With QR Verse software, marketers and company owners may generate a QR code. Generating QR codes with this tool doesn’t need expert help or technical experience.

QR Verse Can Create Barcodes Too?

No, it was developed to create only QR codes. BTW some people think QR codes and barcodes are similar. But, a QR code isn’t a barcode. They look and act similar, but they’re completely different.

Barcodes are one-dimensional and can only be scanned in a line, whereas QR codes are two-dimensional and have a matrix barcode, giving them the capacity to hold much more data.

QR codes can be read in any direction, making them more flexible and functional for people to use.

Why Should You Use the QR Verse Software?

QR codes are excellent for condensing a large amount of information into a tiny area. QR codes may perform a variety of tasks that could benefit your small business.

QR Verse is a very helpful tool for digital marketers. QR codes that are generated with QR Verse can be used in a variety of ways. Here is a list of QR code applications especially for online marketers.

Among these functions, but not limited to, are:

  • Customers are redirected to a website.
  • Give contact information.
  • Use it to launch a marketing campaign.
  • Messages or emails sent to your team.
  • Downloading applications.
  • Disclose discounts and coupon codes.
  • Pointing clients toward social media pages.
  • Calendar events can be added.
  • Dialing your company’s phone number.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi without entering a password.
  • Instruct users to post a review on sites like Trustpilot and Google.
  • And it has many more functions.

How Does QR Verse Work?

Let’s see the software inside. I explained everything step-by-step with some screenshots to give you visuals of what the software looks like.

Creating the QR Code

Step 1: Log in to your QR Verse dashboard then you see a dashboard like this (screenshot). Then start creating your QR codes by clicking create QR code button.

QR Verse Review: Creating QR Code

Step 2: Choose your QR code use purpose from the 20 listed applicable forms inside QR Verse. It has the most popular QR code forms except for payment.

QR Verse Review: Choosing QR code Type

Then choose your type of QR code whether static or dynamic. Read the differences between static and dynamic QR codes on the table.

Static QR Codes Dynamic QR Codes
Once generated, the destination URL cannot be modified. It has the flexibility to customize or change the URL linked to it, even after published.
Data can be directly stored in the QR code image (graphic). The QR code image stores a brief dynamic URL
QR codes that store complicated data appear highly thick. These QR codes have a lower density and are easier to scan.
A static QR code cannot be tracked in terms of performance. The effectiveness of a dynamic QR code can be measured.

Step 3: Set up the output result that displays after the QR code are scanned. The screenshot explains everything one by one.

QR Verse Review: Customizing

Customizing the QR Code

Step 4: Customize the QR code background color and the main code color. You can add any color but the code color have to be darker and the background needs to be lighter.

QR Verse Review: Customizing

Step 5: Choose the QR code shape. For ease of reading by scanners, QR code matrices are square in shape. The scanner can get its directions and recognize the code’s presentation due to three parts that are positioned in the square’s corners.

QR Verse Review: Customizing

Step 6: Add logo on QR code. You can add your custom logos or choose from the software if you get what you want.

QR Verse Review: Customizing

Step 7: Adjust the QR code size. QR code creators need to consider how far away the user will be while scanning a QR code when building a QR code.

The goal is to reduce the amount of space required to display the QR code while keeping it readable and effective.

QR Verse Review: Customizing

Saving and Sharing the QR code

Step 8: Give your project title, choose the folder to save your project, and check the QR code type whether static or dynamic. Then see the preview of your QR code and if all design and customization are good finally, then save or share your QR code.

QR Verse Review: Customizing and Downloading

QR Verse Review: For Business

If you’re interested to make QR code creation your side hustle business you can find clients as a freelancer. Freelance QR code generators are not getting paid well, but it’s good for getting side income.

QR Verse Review: Business Finder

QR Verse Features

Now let’s see the QR Verse software’s interesting features. I think you already understand the software’s main features. However, I listed the most important features of QR Verse here.

The Main Features

  • Both Dynamic And Static QR Codes Creator: Proven to be the simplest, quickest, dynamic, and static cloud-based QR code builder that does not require any coding skills.
  • Step-by-Step, 100% Intuitive Working Experience: It was designed for a step-by-step development process, with a 100% intuitive workflow that is adaptable to any internet connection speed.
  • Good Management Experience: For the best management experience, you can create, edit, delete, and even organize all QR codes into folders, which no other QR code builder can accomplish.
  • 20+ QR Code Types: Custom page, website, call, SMS, text, PayPal, bitcoin, Wi-Fi, email, WhatsApp, google maps, event, images, videos, document, app, coupon, audio, profile card, feedback, social media, password protection included, with new QR code types added on a monthly basis with the template club upgrade.

Interesting Features

  • Change everything in your QR Code: You may customize anything in your QR code, including colors, backgrounds, shapes, logos, frames, extra fonts, size, and even accuracy, making it the most flexible QR code builder ever.
  • 10+ QR Code Patterns, border, and center markers: There are over ten QR code patterns, marker borders, and marker centers to choose from, which few other QR code builder provides.
  • Instant Preview & Instant Download: You may preview and download your QR code in PNG or SVG format in real-time, with no waiting long lines.

Advance Features

  • Start sharing Your QR Codes in Seconds: From start to finish, you can create and share your QR codes within seconds.
  • Searching and Sorting: Avoid the anxiety of losing your QR code with simple searching and sorting capabilities with simple searching and sorting capabilities, which other QR code makers lack.
  • QR Code Analytics: Scan date and time, you also get access to accurate and detailed QR code analytics with lifetime analytics retention, which other QR code builders do not have.
  • QR Code Jobs Finder: You will also have access to our built-in QR code jobs finder, which will allow you to begin locating and closing customers.

Watch QR Verse In Action (Demo Video)

QR Verse Pricing and Upgrades

Now let’s see the QR Verse pricing and OTOs. The software plan starts from the front-end plan, and they have five one-time offers (OTOs) plus a bundle deal. Some of them are software upgrades and the others are business opportunities.

Consider that I tested only the QR Verse front-end plan, not the upgrades. About the upgrades, I give you the information that I get from their information page.

QR Verse Front-End

The QR Verse FE plan price is $47 one-time. You will get the features that I listed earlier. And it has additional features and I give you some of them here.

  • In the QR Verse front-end plan, you can create 50 QR codes and you can create 10 folders max.
  • Suggest A Feature Form: Because we care about all of our users, we’ve supplied you with a “Suggest A Feature Form” for app improvements, which you may use until we produce the App you want.
  • Step-by-step, over-the-shoulder video tutorials and a knowledge base are included to guide you through every step of the process, which is something you won’t find on any other QR code builder.
  • The following licenses are included: You may charge your clients any amount of money for this hot service and retain 100% of the proceeds.

QR Verse Bundle Deal (Saver Pass)

The bundle deal is Included in all funnel offers:

  • QR Verse FE
  • QR Verse Unlimited
  • QR Verse Template Club
  • QR Verse DFY Agency
  • QR Verse Whitelabel Unlimited
  • Aiwa Unlimited

If purchased separately, the total retail price is $692. But they offer a 57% discount, so you can save $395 from the main price.

OTO 1: QR Verse Unlimited

This upgrade costs you $67 for one time. You get all features that you get in the front-end plan and additionally you get features like:

  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • Unlimited folders can be created and managed
  • Analytics for advanced QR codes (country, chart, IP address)

OTO 2: QR Verse Template Club

The template club offer will cost you $67 for one-time. And it gives you all the main features, and monthly they will add new QR code types for creators.

OTO 3: QR Verse DFY Agency

This QR Verse offer price is $47 and it has some interesting features, especially for internet marketers. let’s see the features you will get inside QR Verse DFY agency.

  • Agency website
  • Email swipes
  • Template for a proposal
  • DFY graphics
  • Advertising copy for FB and blog posts
  • Scripts for telemarketing
  • LeaderHead
  • Invoice
  • Graphics for Facebook ads

OTO 4: QR Verse Whitelabel Unlimited

The white-label offer price is $397. And the feature that you get inside is useful for building a brand in the online marketing industry. Here are the lists of features:

  • Customize QR Verse with your own name, logo, and color scheme.
  • Fill in your own custom domain.
  • Unlimited user accounts can be resold, created, updated, and managed.

QR Verse Whitelabel Light (Down-Sell)

It’s the down-sale of QR Verse white label unlimited. And it gives you features like the up-sell but it has some limitations.

  • 500 user accounts (one-time fee of $297)
  • 200 user accounts (one-time fee of $197)
  • 100 user accounts (one-time fee of $97.00)

Their final OTO offer is unrelated to QR Verse software so I decided to not pension on my review. Its focus is on business and it gives you unrelated advantages with this software. You can check it after purchasing the front-end plan “if you are interested to purchase QR Verse!”.

Conclusion and Final Words on Using QR Verse

So that’s my testing and research result of QR Verse software. I hope this was a useful review of the QR Verse software right? and I think it will help you in deciding to use the software or not.

So I’m ending my QR Verse review here, please leave your thought in the comment box, that may help me on improving my work and give more value to my visitors.

And check out my other review articles here.

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