Local Leader Review: Is the Best Lead Generation Tool?

Local Leader Review

Are you here to know if Local Leader is the right tool for you right? So in this Local Leader review article, I try to give you what you need to know about this lead generation tool.

After that, you can find out if it’s worth using or not. First, let’s see the pros and cons of the software. I think that can help you to decide whether to read the detailed review or not.

  • It has an easy and straightforward dashboard.
  • It can find local business companies based on locations that you want.
  • It can get the company’s contact information.
  • It can get the company’s social media preference.
  • It has a cold email sender with a professional template.
  • It has a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • It’s a one-time price.
  • The software was launched recently. It has not had enough reviews.

Now let’s start the detailed review of the software. So, to introduce the software to new people, I started with the product overview.

That can give you the basic information of the software, like its purpose, usage, vendors, price, and more, inside one table.

Local Leader Review: Product Overview

Vendor Neil Napier
Product Local Leader
Launch Date 2022-Jul-14
Niche Software/Lead Generation
FE Price $37 - $47
Bundle Price $297 [Get Discount Here]
Support Effective Response
Refund 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Official Site

What Is Local Leader Software?

A Local Leader is a software developed for the purpose of lead generation for online marketers. It uses Deep-Crawling Engine technology to find local business companies and give their important data points to users.

It has a company outreach module for cold mailing to reach out to and attract local clients, all from a single dashboard.

The Local Leader software users may obtain a complete image of the business or company with significant data, allowing them to design the correct offers for the right prospects.

For Who Local Leader Is Suitable?

So who should use this software, and who can profit by using Local Leader? It’s perfect for marketers, whether online or offline.

It can help you with finding and meeting your clients. It has a business or company finder based on location and can provide contact information about the company.

When we try to generate leads, nothing is useful better than tools like Local Leader. It increases conversions by automating the lead-generating process and improving the performance of your marketing and sales operations.

Here is my thought on who should use software and who will be profitable by using this software. Lead generation software basically used by online marketers, so I list some online marketing categories that should use Local Leader.

  • Agencies
  • Local Businesses
  • SEO Experts
  • Digital Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Social Media Experts
  • Consultants and Trainers
  • Freelancers
  • eCommerce Store owners and much more.

Local Leader Software Main Advantages

  • Local Leader generates leads from several sources such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Google search, maps, and more, plus it provides up to 20+ data points.
  • Provides retargeting statistics, if a company is paying money on retargeting.
  • If a company runs advertisements, it gives advertising marketing data.
  • The program can determine whether a corporation has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, a website, domain information, and a few more platforms.
  • Local Leader includes a cold email mechanism.
  • Include an outreach tracker, inside your dashboard you can track opens and clicks to help you improve your outreach.

How Does Local Leader Work?

So now, let me guide you through Local Leader step by step.  You do not have to be concerned about the walkthrough or tutorial because the dashboard is simple.

Step 1: Find businesses or companies based on their location that you need to target for your marketing campaign. To find the businesses go to the find or search bar.

Local Leader, Lead Finding

Step 2: Give a title for your project, type your keyword based on your target business, and choose the location where you want the business companies located.

Local Leader, Finding Business Companies

Step 3: Now, the tool scan based on the keyword and location that you chose, and as a result, the software gives you the company’s contact information like email, phone number, Facebook page, Instagram, tweeter, and it provides their rating, based on their authority.

Local Leader, Data Result

Step 4: Now choose which fits your offer, and research what they miss so that you can help them to fix it and get leads. Then the software has a cold email sender. You can write your cold email or use the Local Leader email templates.

Local Leader, Cold Email Sender

That’s what the software can do for you. As you can see from my screenshots, the dashboard is straightforward to use, even for beginner online marketers.

Watch Local Leader In Action (Demo Video)

Visit Local Leader Official >>

Local Leader Features

Local Leader software has very interesting features that make difference in your marketing campaign. I listed some of the earlier, now let me give you the main features of the software.

  • Simple & straightforward dashboard for generating fresh leads or browsing past searches.
  • View comprehensive details for every lead – Find crucial details about every lead that few other lead finders can offer.
  • A lead-generation search engine that searches by topic and geography, it’s worldwide.
  • Browse to the lead’s site, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and a few more with a single click.
  • Built-in lead management system to keep your leads and ensure that you’re developing your list with the correct folks.
  • The software has a built-in cold email sender that you can use to contact your leads and convert them into profits.
  • Inside the dashboard, it provides cold email templates, they are used by sales professionals to study what succeeds for the pros when designing your email marketing approach.

Companies Information Local Leader Can Expose

What kind of contact information, and social media platforms are effective for generating leads? I think more of them are matters right.

So here you can get which contact information and social media platforms can be exposed by Local Leader software. And more advanced information can help you to get leads. “I got those from their informational page”.

Local Leader Review: Basic Information

  • Local Business Basics: Name, phone number, and email address of the local company.
  • Business Logo: Provides a picture of the company’s logo. Many firms have low-quality logos, which presents an opportunity to market a brand refurbishment service.
  • Google Position: this is ideal for those who provide high-end SEO services.
  • Category: provides a fast summary of the specific category in which a business has established itself.

Local Leader Review: Social Media

  • LinkedIn: Determine whether or if a company has a LinkedIn presence from the software dashboard. You may view a company’s LinkedIn page and examine how it is structured, or you can provide services for creating/optimizing a business profile.
  • Facebook: Easily see if a company has a Facebook page based on page likes, activity, and engagement, and you may provide social media services.
  • FB Messenger: Determines whether a company is using Messenger. Offer messenger marketing/chatbot services to people who aren’t using it.
  • Twitter: Determine whether the company is on Twitter and provide any Twitter-related services, such as ready-made tweets, Twitter marketing, and more.
  • Instagram: Examines Instagram presence. Instagram post and story creation services are among the most popular, and many organizations and individuals want assistance with this. Instagram Info is ideal for Instagram influencers and marketers.

Advance Information

  • Google Search and Google Map Search: With a single click, you’ll be sent directly to Google search results and a business location on Google Maps.
  • Ratings and Review Counts: Instantly discover a local business’s ratings and review count – critical information for delivering reputation management leads with fewer ratings, and review generating, leads with lower review count services.
  • Advertising: Determine whether a company is running advertisements on various advertising platforms and whether it has the discretionary cash to spend on marketing so you can give these leads custom-tailored paid advertising services.
  • Retargeting: Determine whether a company spends money on retargeting. Provide these leads with a range of services, such as conversion optimization, so they can get the most out of their remarketing spend.
  • Email Hosting: Determine who hosts the business’s email and then design specialized services for such clients.
  • Domain Information: Users may access expiration and registration dates, nameserver provider, and registrar information using domain data, which is only available for .com/.net domains.

Local Leader Software Pricing and Upgrades

Now we talk about the price of Local Leader. It has a front-end plan, four OTO plans, and one bundle deal. I will cover all about offers here, their price, and the features that you will get inside.

Front End Local Leader

Local Leader software has two plans inside the front-end plan. The first one is a personal plan and the other one is commercial. So the personal plan costs you $37 for one-time and the commercial plan price is $47 for one-time. [Visit Local Leader FE]

When we come to the feature in the front-end plan, you will get all the main features that I listed earlier. So before you think to purchase upgrade plans, you need to test out the front-end plan.

Local Leader Fast-Pass

This offer is only for purchasers, you cant purchase this offer directly, which means first you have to buy the front-end plan, then they offer you the product inside your dashboard.

The “Fast Pass” option is used to get all of the OTOs at a substantially lesser price than buying them individually.

The Fast Pass Bundle will help you save a ton of money while still giving you access to all the exciting upgrades and training you need to maximize your earnings with Local Leader.

OTO 1: Local Leader Pro Unlimited

This offer provides better features than the basic plan and its price is higher than the front-end plan. To purchase the first upgrade or pro plan, you need to purchase $197 for one-time. [Visit Local Leader Pro]

Let’s see additional features that users get inside the pro plan:

  • 30k leads 300 searches for each project per day.
  • GMB (Google My Business)
  • Precision filters are activated.
  • Global search options (advanced search settings) allow users to create or add more columns.
  • Leads may be exported to CSV and Excel.

OTO 2: Local Leader Extreme

The extreme plan has additional very advanced features from the first two plans. It has two types of pricing, the first one is monthly, and it will cost you $37 each month. And the second one is yearly, and it will cost you $297 per year. [Visit Local Leader Extreme Monthly or Yearly]

  • Credits for email quality checks are refreshed every month but do not roll over.
  • Before sending an email, either individually or in a batch, built-in lead quality control verifies the validity of the recipient’s email address.
  • Leads may be exported as PDFs with agency branding.
  • Over 15 cold emails for famous local services are already included in the cold email outreach module for you.

OTO 3: Local Leader Agency Box

The agency box is the third upgrade of Local Leader. And the price is $50 for one time. And it has good additional features especially done for you tasks for users. [Visit Local Leader Agency]

  • Logos, social media content, proposals, brochures, business cards, and other DFY items.
  • In all, there are over 300 professionally designed, entirely editable, and pre-written (simply copy-paste) things.
  • SEO, GMB, reputation management, web design & development, and review generation are all included in the DFY package.

OTO 4: Local Leader Automate

Local Leader automate plan is provide training on agency automation. The price is the same as the front-end plan it’s $47 one time. [Visit Local Leader Automate]

Conclusion and Final Words

In your business, tools or software are main to lead generation purpose. And when you try to use lead generation software, they need to be easy to use, easily accessible, target your audience, and affordable.

So after reading this review article you can decide whether to purchase Local Leader or not, based on the four considerations mentioned before.

I think this Local Leader review gave you what you expected, and I will update this post any time new things happen with this software. Thank you for your reading.

Firaol Birhanu
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