Content Gorilla AI Review: Is The Best AI Content Generator?

Nowadays, AI content generators are essential for online marketers, so we give you a Content Gorilla AI review, which is the new software in AI copywriting industry.

Welcome to my review of Content Gorilla AI (2.0 version). This software allows you to create unlimited and unique copywriting content for your online marketing campaign.

Content Gorilla AI Review

In general, all other content creation tools use AI to crawl the web and generate new content. However, this content will of course be slick and unconvincing.

Content Gorilla AI is a proven app that uses artificial intelligence to create and rewrite your easy-to-read content. Content Gorilla was first created in the Summer of 2019 and has been getting better ever since. And Content Gorilla AI is an updated or new version of Content Gorilla.

So what’s the advanced task the tool can do? Here is the clear answer, Content Gorilla AI creates blog content from YouTube videos.

Visit Content Gorilla AI

YouTube is the best platform on which stable and quality content is regularly published. This is also user-generated content and naturally sounds fluid and engaging.

Such content generally leads to more user interaction. Content Gorilla AI takes advantage of these YouTube videos by creating new and unique content.

So in this Content Gorilla AI review, we find out the new features, upgraded features, price, pros, cons, and finally my thought on using Content Gorilla AI software. Let’s dive into the detailed review.

Content Gorilla AI Review – Product Overview

Vendor Neil Napier
Product Content Gorilla AI
Launch Date 2023-Mar-21
Niche Software/AI Copywriting
FE Price $34 - $37/month
Bundle Price All Upgrades for $297 [Check Out Here]
Support Effective Response
Refund 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Official Site

Let’s see the list of the general advantages and drawbacks of Content Gorilla AI software. I think this can help you in deciding whether to read this detailed review or not.

Content Gorilla AI Pros and Cons List

  • It generates blog content from YouTube videos.
  • It does not require any experience.
  • There is no limit on generating words.
  • It generates 100% plagiarism-free original content.
  • You can publish on your social channels directly from your dashboard.
  • Article outline generator.
  • It works with multilingual.
  • It can rewrite articles (legally).
  • Generate content for any niche.
  • It offers a low one-time price.
  • 14 days money-back guarantee.
  • It needs to edit by a human after generating the content.
  • AI content generation is not recommended for all of your content. (It use only as an assistant)
  • If you need to generate content from YouTube, it depends on the YouTube video quality.

What Is Content Gorilla AI?

As I mentioned earlier, Content Gorilla AI is a tool made for content creators and online marketers. It helps those who create blog posts, articles, copies, and social media posts by using AI to create their content fast.

Content Gorilla AI Dashboard

It converts all YouTube videos into fully formatted blog posts in seconds and has a built-in scheduler to send targeted content to various social media sites.

Most reviews online can speak to the quality of the Content Gorilla because it made money, but most haven’t even used the program they’re reviewing!

Here we are different! It makes no sense for us to try to sell something that we don’t test or don’t review details.

One of the main reasons most fail to become top affiliate marketers is that they struggle to find high-quality content. But Content Gorilla AI can make easy your content creation process!

Why We Use Content Gorilla AI Software?

So, I don’t know about you, but I find writing content a pretty boring task. And when I’m done with one blog content, I lose motivation to write other blog content.

The point is that if you want your website to rank highly in search engines, you need content. And you need a lot of that. And you need it constantly.

This is exactly the most annoying and time-consuming thing. Few people like to write (good for them), but I never liked writing articles at the same time.

I’m sure you can relate to that as well. Blogging is time-consuming.

But no more, with Content Gorilla AI, you can create an unlimited number of articles with few clicks. And you can share them directly on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get instant traffic.

content gorilla ai Review

Why Is Content Gorilla AI Important for New Online Marketers?

If you can click 3 buttons, you can create a post with Content Gorilla AI. Imagine how much time and money you can save by not worrying about your next blog post.

Let the machine do what it can and automate the entire content creation task.

Content Gorilla AI is the kind of automation you need for your websites so that you can stop wasting countless hours writing articles for your blog and instead focus on the tasks that make more money.

What if you are a complete beginner with no technical experience or skills?

No problem They have complete documentation and video tutorials that walk you through everything from installation to configuration and use.

If you get stuck somewhere, their support team can help.

Content Gorilla AI New Features

AI Content Creation

Content Gorilla AI - Create a Blog Post

Select a content set that will extract Content Gorilla AI from your selected YouTube video and enhance it with Content Gorilla’s new AI-powered automated writing.

AI Content Paraphrasing

Content spinners are old school, use Content Gorilla AI-powered paraphrase, which paraphrases your chosen content in one click, it’s as good as a professional content writer doing it for you.

Article Outline Creator

Content Gorilla AI - Create AI Outline

An outline helps you stay organized and focused during the article creation process. AI outline generator is a new feature. Outlines may be useful for any type of writing. It’s not just for writing blog posts or articles, though they are the most common use.

Content From Outline

Content Gorilla AI can generate an outline that’s cool, but it can also generate articles (blog posts) from your or AI-generated outlines.

Calendar for Your Content

Keep track of all your upcoming and previously posted blogs and social media content. Plan your content posts in advance to keep up with the competition.

Hyperlink Specific Keywords/phrasing

A hyperlink to a specific keyword (or phrase) to all articles published on one or all of the websites.

The Headline and Content SEO Scoring

Content Gorilla AI - SEO Scoring

Content Gorilla AI assigns your content a score of 100 based on various ranking factors used by search engines like Google. These include keyword density, content optimization, etc.

Blog Boost

With the power of AI, you can simply produce multiple blog posts from one YouTube video.

AI Content Detector

Content Gorilla - Detect AI Contact

Before publishing, you may generate your content using Content Gorilla AI software and test it for human-like quality with the built-in AI detector.

Multiple Sources

You may now source content from Vimeo as well as YouTube, and you can even use your own videos. That gives you more options to create informative blog posts.

Content Gorilla AI New Features In Action

Content Gorilla AI Upgraded Features

Fix Grammar Mistakes: Use the integrated grammar correction tool to correct grammatical errors in your content with a single click.

Auto Punctuator: Punctuation with Content Gorilla AI allows you to add punctuation (commas, periods, capital letters, letters, etc.) to your content with one click.

Flexible Search: You can now search and create content in 105 languages.

Detailed Search Filter: Sorts search results by relevance, time, or views to find Creative Commons-licensed videos.

Fast Convert: Content Gorilla AI converts the selected video into fully formatted content with one click.

Find and Replace: Replace specific words with a single click.

Auto Images & Featured Image: Content Gorilla AI automatically adds content-related images to the extracted text. YouTube video thumbnails are automatically added to your blog post as featured images.

Post Tags: Content Gorilla AI automatically converts your video tags into post tags that are added to your blog to tell Google the keywords you want to rank your content for.

content gorilla ai Review

Social Content Syndicate: Publish your Content Gorilla AI, generated posts with just one click to your Facebook pages/groups, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn profile/page, and forward your traffic to your site.

Additional Interesting Features

Fast Multi-Post: Select the number of videos you want to publish – specify the time interval between posts and let Content Gorilla AI do the rest.

Image Builder for Social Posts: You can use Content Gorilla AI’s image generator to create custom images to attach to social media posts.

Internal Linking: Content Gorilla AI automatically searches your blog for posts related to what you’re creating, and when it finds similar posts, it automatically adds links to the bottom of your posts to keep visitors on your blog longer.

Bulk Poster: Create content for up to 10 days and let Content Gorilla AI do all the work for you. Simply select the keywords that generate the content and the duration between posts. Content Gorilla AI automatically schedules all content for the next 10 days.

Post Archive: You can see all posts made with Content Gorilla AI on your website. Quickly reuse or update posts to increase clicks and followers.

Download Content: With one click you can download content in text or PDF format and publish it wherever you want.

How Does Content Gorilla AI Work?

Content Gorilla AI Review – Developer Step-By-Step Demo Video

Who Is Content Gorilla AI Suitable For?

Content Gorilla AI is suitable for anyone who wants to create content, and the list includes:

  • Anyone who wants to save time and money without sacrificing quality.
  • Lazy people who want 100% unique content at the touch of a button.
  • Any Internet marketer, regardless of stature, wants to make more money.
  • For those who want lifetime access to cloud software that automates a powerful revenue stream.

And specifically, Content Gorilla AI recommends for bloggers, affiliate marketers, SEO experts, freelancers, influencers, digital product sellers, product creators, and anyone at all level who need content.

content gorilla ai Review

Who Developed Content Gorilla AI?

Neil Napier and his partner, Ijilal Ahmed. Content Gorilla AI was developed by Neil Napier. He is an online marketer, software developer, and seller of JVzoo and has more than 100,000 customers.

Content Gorilla AI Review

Using proven business tools, the product consistently delivers real results. Their products turn into their customers, and they provide 24/7 customer support to help their customers achieve their dreams.

Content Gorilla AI Price and Upgrades

Content Gorilla AI FE Offer

The front-end offer costs you $34 monthly for a personal plan and $37 monthly for a commercial plan. In the Content Gorilla AI’s front-end offer, you will get all features I mentioned earlier in this review article.

OTO 1: Content Gorilla AI (500k Words)

You will get all the listed features on our front-end review and you will get access to 500k words of content generation.

OTO 2: Content Gorilla AI (Unlimited)

Content Gorilla AI Unlimited costs you $197 yearly for 2 million words and $397 yearly for unlimited words. And you will get features like:

  • Use on unlimited websites you own.
  • Unlimited Integrations – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook pages & groups.
  • Unlimited internal linking.
  • Channel scheduler.
  • Automate your content creation 100%.

OTO 3: Content Gorilla AI (DFY Blogs)

Content Gorilla AI DFY blogs cost you $97 for a one-time price and you get features like:

  • 24 DFY blogs with pre-written content.
  • Simple installation with 1 click on any new WordPress site.
  • Full compatibility with all modern WordPress plugins.

OTO 4: Content Gorilla AI (Agency)

Content Gorilla AI agency costs you $147 for a 50 accounts license and $197 for a 100 accounts license. And you will get features like:

  • Add up to 50/100 customers.
  • Ability to add/edit/delete new users.
  • Basic account provision for customers.
  • Access the full admin panel.
  • Access new agency features.
  • Charge any price you want.
  • When you refer to a PRO account, you earn paid affiliate commission.

OTO 5: Content Gorilla AI (Content University)

Content Gorilla AI – content university costs you $37 for a one-time price, and you will get features like:

  • A detailed 21-day plan to generate duplicate online revenue.
  • Pay special attention to automated content and social media marketing.
  • It was previously sold for $97.
  • A collection of videos and texts (and a checklist).
  • Daily tasks presented in the course.
content gorilla ai Review

Content Gorilla AI Alternatives

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a robot writer with advanced artificial intelligence technology that can manage content 5 times faster than a typical human copywriter.

With Jasper AI you will get 100% of the original content carefully written without plagiarism flags. You also get pre-written templates for specific categories. Try Jasper Free for 10,000 words.

We have already prepared a list of the best artificial intelligence writing software, in which we also mentioned Jasper.

Jasper AI writes SEO-friendly content, meaning that all the content you receive with Jasper AI is optimized and ready to attract sales and presentations. Read Japer Review!

Copy AI

Copy AI is a cloud-based app that makes it easy to create content on a specific topic by automatically copying it in the form of articles and blog posts and providing suggestions on how to improve your copy before publishing. Try Copy AI, Free Account Offer!

Copy AI uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the input and present relevant content based on what you want to say or write. It also takes SEO into account, so you can use an optimized version of your target keywords to rank highly in the search engines.

Localio AI

Localio AI is a cloud-based software solution that allows online marketers, digital marketers, digital agencies, and local consultants to generate several types of copies.

The software works with the power of artificial intelligence to create all kinds of content for Google, Facebook, emails, press releases, and more. Read my Localio AI review.

The software is powered by amazing AI GPT3 features and helps you write everything from emails to Google and Facebook ads for your businesses or marketing campaigns.

Content Gorilla AI FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Final Thoughts on Using Content Gorilla AI

To be honest, this software does the trick as long as you create high-quality, SEO-rich content that requires very little effort.

When you consider the many features, there are so many methods to use in your marketing efforts!

As I mentioned before, it is a well-designed and powerful product that is in charge of creating and maintaining a blog or website for you. Make it a profitable business for you and you will benefit in several ways.

I recommend this software for online marketers who want to create content with little effort. So if you’ve any queries about my review or my blog leave your thought in the comment section I will appreciate that!

content gorilla ai Review

My Content Gorilla AI review ends here, thank you for your reading, and bye for now!

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