Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts (2023)

Are you interested in getting a job in real estate? If so, did you know that many different types of real estate jobs are available? Keep reading to learn more about the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real estate investing is a terrific way to generate income, especially when the market conditions are favorable. Property ownership, property management, and real estate investment portfolios are all exceptional methods for creating an earnings stream from real estate. One of the most lucrative fields within real estate is working for a real estate investment trust, or REIT. 

This blog post will discuss the highest-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts. We will also provide information on what these jobs entail and how to qualify for them!

What Are Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)?

Real estate investment trusts are publicly traded companies that own and manage income-producing real estate. A REIT aims to generate profits for its shareholders through the ownership, operation, development, and management of commercial real estate.

REITs typically have a portfolio of several investments, including residential rental properties, office buildings, retail shopping centers, and industrial parks. REITs provide investors with a low-cost way to invest their capital in real estate without having to purchase or manage any property themselves.

Real estate investments are a popular option for those seeking to expand their passive income streams, and the opportunity for lucrative returns is a bonus. The potential to make high ROIs entices many people into investing in such assets.

Are you seeking safe investments with generous returns? Then real estate investment trusts are the perfect option for you!

Why Are REITs a Great Investment Opportunity for Individuals and Businesses Alike?

REITs are a great investment opportunity because they provide investors with a steady income, high investment returns, and diversification. Because REITs are professionally managed and have to abide by certain regulations to remain listed on the stock market, they are considered relatively safe investments compared to other real estate investments.

REITs provide investors with an excellent opportunity to focus their investments on particular property market sectors such as apartment buildings, data centers, warehouses, hospitals, offices, and homes. For instance, REITs can be used to invest in commercial or residential properties. This diversification can help to minimize risk while maximizing returns.

REITs are constructed so that the vast majority of their profits, sometimes reaching up to 90%, get distributed among shareholders. Additionally, investors can benefit from the fact that REITs are highly liquid, meaning they can be easily bought or sold with minimal fees. This provides investors with more control and flexibility over their investments. 

What Are the Best Paying Jobs in the REIT Industry, and What Do They Entail?

The following list provides you with the top highest-paying real estate investment trust jobs and the responsibilities that come with each role.

And you should consider that, the salaries I mentioned here are averages and they’re not stable, there will be changes based on many factors. So I added (hyperlink) websites which make report the current salaries.

1. REIT Analyst

REIT analysts are essential to the REIT industry and responsible for utilizing market projections, research, and financial statements when evaluating real estate portfolios. Their expertise ensures investors make well-informed decisions on potential investments.

Jobs in REITs - REIT Analyst

To excel in an underwriting career, it is essential to possess superior risk evaluation capabilities and sharp judgment. A college degree or experience in finance, business, or real estate can offer a distinct advantage when seeking this type of employment.

Working as a REIT analyst can be strenuous yet infinitely rewarding. A typical day starts at 9 AM and ends around 5 PM, with the possibility of working remotely from home. According to the Salary report, REIT analysts in the US earn on average $77,237 up to $109,531 salary per year!

The job responsibilities of a REIT analyst may include the following:

  • Assess potential risks for real estate properties in a portfolio to ensure successful underwriting.
  • Help close out loans efficiently and effectively.
  • Uncover valuable insights through detailed market analysis, forecasting tools, and reporting.

2. Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers are responsible for helping buyers and sellers find the perfect property. They match clients with properties based on their needs, budget, and desires. They must possess excellent interpersonal skills to close deals successfully and provide exceptional customer service.

Jobs in REITs - Real Estate Broker

This type of career requires a broker’s license from the state, as well as the ability to multitask, create detailed financial analysis reports, and negotiate with clients.

Due to their industry knowledge, brokers specializing in REITs have a higher earning potential. According to Glassdoor, a real estate broker in the US can expect to earn upwards of $86K per year.

The job responsibilities of a real estate broker may include the following:

  • Find suitable properties for clients based on their budget and preferences.
  • Negotiate deals between buyers and sellers to close contracts.
  • Manage the entire sale process from start to finish.
  • Maintain a detailed client database of potential leads, contacts, and past customers.

3. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents assist brokers in finding buyers and sellers for properties. They must be well-versed in real estate, from locating properties to closing deals. Agents help brokers identify potential clients and available market properties, provide updates on deals and answer questions.

Jobs in REITs - Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent must possess excellent communication skills, sales experience, and in-depth industry knowledge. As reported by Indeed, real estate agents in the US can expect to make upwards of $94k salary per year, with a commission structure that increases the overall earning potential.

The job responsibilities of a real estate agent may include the following:

  • Maintain relationships with existing clients and establish new leads.
  • Provide detailed information about available properties.
  • Travel to properties and meet with potential buyers.
  • Negotiate deals between buyers and sellers.
  • Assist brokers with the necessary paperwork for closing deals.

4. Real Estate Attorney

Real estate attorneys are responsible for ensuring all legal documents associated with a sale or purchase of property is accurately reviewed and processed. They must be knowledgeable about real estate law and able to interpret contracts to provide sound advice to their clients.

Jobs in REITs - Real Estate Attorney

A college degree in law and years of related experience are essential to becoming a successful real estate attorney. As stated in Salary’s report, the average attorney’s salary in the US is between $138k and $175k per year.

The job responsibilities of a real estate attorney may include the following:

  • Review and interpret contracts for accuracy.
  • Advise clients on legal matters associated with real estate transactions.
  • Negotiate deals between buyers and sellers.
  • Review documents related to zoning, title searches, and more.
  • Ensure transactions comply with state and federal laws.

5. Property Manager

Property managers are responsible for overseeing and managing the daily operations of a real estate property. They must possess excellent organizational skills to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and strong customer service skills to interact with tenants and other stakeholders.

Jobs in REITs - Property Manager

A college degree in business or a related field is recommended; however, some employers may only require a high school diploma. Property managers typically make between $30K to $50K per year.

The job responsibilities of a property manager may include the following:

  • Manage tenant screening and occupancy processes.
  • Handle maintenance requests and coordinate repairs.
  • Ensure compliance with all stakeholders, such as local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Prepare financial reports related to renting collection and tenant management.
  • Negotiate leases and contracts with vendors.

These are just some examples of the highest-paying jobs in REIT. There are still many other roles, such as appraisers, inspectors, mortgage officers, and more, that can also provide lucrative incomes. No matter your interest in the real estate industry, you’re sure to find a job that fits your skillset and offers a rewarding career path.

How Can You Start a REIT Career If You’re Not Already Working in the Industry?

If you want to start building a career in the REIT industry, obtaining a finance or real estate degree is the best place to begin. An educational background will help you understand the fundamentals of investing and give you a foundation for success.

It would help if you also considered obtaining a broker or real estate agent license. This will allow you to start working in the industry and gain valuable experience. Additionally, you may want to take classes related to REITs and investing that can help develop your skillset.

You can also gain experience through internships and apprenticeships with established REITs or real estate companies. These opportunities can provide hands-on experience and help you gain the knowledge necessary to become successful in the REIT industry.

Finally, networking is key to finding the right job in REITs. Establishing relationships with professionals in the industry can help you gain invaluable insight into potential opportunities and provide a platform for lasting career success. Network with other professionals in the industry through events and conferences, keep up-to-date with market news and trends and join REIT-focused organizations to stay ahead of the curve.

What Are Some of the Key Challenges and Rewards of Working in the REIT Sector?

As with any industry, working in the REIT sector comes with its share of challenges and rewards. Let’s start with the challenges.


The REIT sector is a highly competitive and fast-paced field. You must assess financial information and make sound decisions quickly to succeed in this role. Further, you must stay up-to-date with market trends and news and understand the legal aspects of real estate transactions.

Additionally, working in REITs can be challenging as a significantly high degree of risk is involved. It is important to have a deep and thorough understanding of investment fundamentals, legal documents, and REIT regulations to ensure the success of your investments.

Another challenge of working in REITs is the long hours and commitment that are often required. You must be willing to put in long hours and dedicate yourself to your job to be successful.


Now let’s move on to the rewards. Working in the REIT sector can provide financial security and stability for those who are successful.

You have the potential to earn a substantial income based on your performance, and you can also benefit from excellent job security due to the growing demand for experts in this field.

Furthermore, as a REIT expert, you will have access to a wide range of financial investment opportunities and have the potential to increase your wealth substantially. You will also gain a deep understanding of real estate finance and legal principles, which can open a world of possibilities for your professional growth.

Overall, working in the REIT sector is an exciting opportunity that offers financial rewards and personal and professional development. With the right skills and experience, you can build a successful career in real estate investments.

How Will the Current Market Conditions Impact REIT Careers?

We all know that the current market conditions have tremendously impacted many industries, including real estate. As such, it is important to understand how these conditions will affect REIT careers.

The current economic slowdown has caused a decrease in activity in the real estate sector, and many REITs are being forced to scale back operations or close up shops completely. This means that the job opportunities for REIT experts are more limited than in prior years.

However, this does not mean that REIT careers are no longer viable – far from it! There is still a huge potential for those who wish to pursue a career in REITs. REITs can be an attractive investment option during uncertain times, and the need for experts in this field is still strong.

Further, REIT professionals can take advantage of the current market conditions to gain access to investments that may have previously been difficult to reach. By staying up-to-date on trends and utilizing their skillset, they will be able to identify these opportunities and reap the rewards.

Therefore, while working in the REIT sector may pose some challenges due to market conditions, it can still be a rewarding career path with growth potential. With the right skills and experience, you can still succeed in the current market environment.


A career in REITs can be both rewarding and challenging. It requires a deep understanding of investment fundamentals, legal documents, and REIT regulations to be successful.

Additionally, the current market conditions impact REIT professionals, and it is important to stay up-to-date on trends and utilize your skillset to take advantage of opportunities.

Overall, working in the REIT sector is an exciting opportunity that offers the potential for financial rewards and personal and professional development. With the right skills and experience, you can build a successful career in real estate investments. Good luck!

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